GIW® MDX pump installed

Technical & After Sales Service

By your side through installation to start-up. 
We offer one stop, total customer support for all GIW® slurry products. Round the clock service comes standard, no matter what equipment issues you are facing. We pledge to focus on all the equipment details allowing you to focus on running your business.

GIW® MDX pump installed

Installation: Your equipment has arrived. Did you know that KSB can be onsite to help? KSB can provide assistance for final assembly and oversee all installation issues beyond those covered in the maintenance manual of your GIW®  slurry product. We offer technical support for pump arrangement and explain layout design. We can also assist you with finalizing your site alignments.

Installation of dredge pump on a ship.

Start-Up: KSB will review your start-up process using a step-by-step check list. Our technicians will ensure you have a complete understanding of each unit’s requirements. We can help you every step of the way through project wrap-up. We assist with pump and drive train assessment and pump/power train maintenance.