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GIW Industries

Our team is ready to serve you from purchase, to installation and beyond. That means helping you determine the best application for your system, tracking lead times on projects, aiding others with documentation, and assisting with pump and part delivery. Our team of experts recommend the quantity of spare parts needed before pivoting to breakdown support, even after hours. We help our customers, technicians, and other teams succeed every single day.

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GIW® Slurry Pump Sales: +1 706-863-1101

Customer Service:, +1 706-863-1011 (ext. 2407)

After Hours Hotline: +1 800-241-2702 (ext. 2407)

Technical After Sales Services: +1 888-832-4449

KSB employee analyzes pump and automation

KSB, Inc.

KSB, Inc. offers pumps, mixers, equipment, parts and accessories supporting multiple market areas, including water and wastewater, general industry, chemicals & petrochemicals, building services, and energy. Going beyond our meticulously engineered products, you can also rely on us for application and project engineering, customer service, manufacturing, consultation, commissioning, and testing.

KSB, Inc. Service and Sales: +1 804-222-1818