Tank in a waste water treatment plant

Wastewater Applications

Reliable transport of wastewater and flood water with KSB products

Wherever people live or work, wastewater is produced, and reliable systems must be in place to ensure it is removed and cleaned. Only then can it be returned to the natural water cycle.

With its wastewater pumps and valves KSB is perfectly positioned to serve wastewater applications

Wastewater and sewage pose challenges for systems, components and materials. Pumps can clog and the risk of failure is high. This is precisely what operators cannot afford: A malfunction not only jeopardizes economic efficiency, but also operating reliability. This calls for absolutely reliable wastewater pumps that are dependable, energy-efficient and generate low operating costs.

When it comes to flood control, special requirements apply. The pumps employed must be ready for use immediately, even after prolonged periods of standstill.

As the market leader, KSB is the right partner to turn to for trouble-free and efficient system operation. KSB supplies pumps and valves for wastewater applications that work reliably and efficiently even under the most difficult conditions – whether in wastewater treatment, wastewater disposal or flood control.

Wastewater pumps and valves from KSB are expertly designed for the fluid handled and the application. High-quality components ensure flawless operation at all times – even under conditions as tough as those found in industrial wastewater applications. 
In addition, decades of experience and extensive application knowledge make KSB the ideal partner for system optimization, while the company’s leading role in research and development ensures the high quality of KSB products and services. This enables you to operate your wastewater system reliably, with minimal maintenance and low life cycle costs.

Comprehensive advice and excellent worldwide service round off KSB’s portfolio.

What drives KSB in this market

Increasing demands for a clean environment are promoting the construction of sewage treatment plants and wastewater pumping stations worldwide. The need to address demand for environmental technology is leading to new challenges and major projects.

With its pumps and service, KSB strives to deliver environmentally conscious and efficient handling of wastewater. Whether wastewater transport, wastewater treatment, wastewater disposal or flood control, whether domestic, municipal or industrial wastewater: KSB ensures smooth processes thanks to its many years of experience in wastewater technology. For KSB, a responsible approach to the environment is just as important as delivering maximum efficiency as well as product and service quality.

KSB’s tried-and-tested sewage pumps, wastewater pumps, drainage pumps, high-pressure pumps and mixers all embody this approach. They are used in sewage treatment plants, industrial wastewater treatment, wastewater lifting units, sludge dewatering, municipal drainage and wastewater pumping stations. KSB pumps and service also help to safeguard living space and protect lives by providing flood protection.

Applications for wastewater technology

Man in a raincoat on a flooded street

Flood Control / Stormwater

Every year hundreds of thousands of people worldwide become victims of stormwater and flooding. KSB drainage pumps help to safeguard living space and protect lives.

Aerial photo of a waste water treatment plant

Wastewater Treatment

KSB sets standards for wastewater treatment around the globe. The wastewater treatment plant in Shanghai, one of the biggest in Asia, is just one example of where KSB’s products have proven their worth.

Sewer with waste water

Wastewater Disposal and Transport

Rising global population levels are making wastewater transport increasingly important. KSB offers municipalities and industrial companies efficient pumps and valves.