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GIW Announces Name Change to KSB GIW, Inc.

GIW Announces Name Change to KSB GIW, Inc.

The legal name of GIW Industries, Inc. has changed to KSB GIW, Inc. The brands GIW Slurry® Pumps, KSB Mining, and KSB SupremeServ will remain the same

pic-GIW LCCI-II expansion

KSB completes five phase production expansion in Grovetown, GA

KSB is proud to announce the completion of its multiphase, $44 million expansion.

In 2020, the KSB Group launched KSB Mining, a new market-driven organization providing their leading expertise on centrifugal pumps -- in slurry and non-slurry applications -- to mining operations. Located in Grovetown, Georgia, the expanded facilities serve as the headquarters of GIW Slurry Pumps.

pic-Jonathan Samuel

Jonathan Samuel Appointed as GIW Industries President & CEO

GIW Industries Inc., the leader in the design, manufacture, and application of heavy-duty centrifugal slurry pumps, recently named Jonathan Samuel President & CEO.

pic-GIW MDX-850

KSB Announces, New, Larger Addition to GIW® MDX Line: The MDX-850

KSB is proud to announce a significant expansion of the GIW® MDX product line, the MDX-850. KSB’s line of GIW® slurry pumps is designed to ensure optimal wear performance in harsh conditions. The GIW® Mill Duty Extra Heavy (MDX) product line is specially engineered to handle the extreme conditions found in hard rock mining applications.