BOA-H Globe valve

Globe valve BOA-H

Bellows-type globe valve to DIN/EN with flanged ends, with on/off disc or throttling plug, standard position indicator with colour coding for identification of valve design, replaceable valve disc; bellows protected when valve is in fully open position; seat/disc interface made of wear and corrosion resistant chrome steel or chrome nickel steel.
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Main Applications

  • Hot-water heating systems
  • Air-conditioning systems
  • Boiler feed applications
  • Boiler recirculation

Technical Data

Nominal pressure
PN 16, PN 25
Max. nominal size
DN 350
Maximum allowable fluid temperature
350 °C

Material number list – BOA-H

2 products
Material number
BOA-H PN 16 DN 20 5.1301 DKDN 20Straight-way patternThrottling plugWith handwheelWithout4 kg48872064
BOA-H PN 16 DN 125 5.1301 FKDN 125Straight-way patternOn/off discWith handwheelWithout54 kg48872072


  • High operating comfort at no extra charge: position indicator with travel stop and locking device outside the insulation. Valve disc position can be checked at any time.
  • Optimum start-up and throttling due to standard throttling plug up to DN 100 (seat-guided V-port plug optionally available for all valve sizes to meet maximum throttling requirements).
  • When the valve is fully open, the bellows is confined within the valve body, protected from pressure surges.

Technical Data

Shut off/control flow
Connection type
Design concept Drive
With handwheel
Casing material
Nominal pressure
PN 16,
PN 25
Max. nominal size
DN 350
Min. nominal size
DN 15
Maximum allowable fluid temperature
350 °C
Minimum allowable fluid temperature
-10 °C
Valve body type
Angle valve with flanged ends,
Straight-way vlv w.flngd ends

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