AmaPorter Submersible motor pump

Submersible motor pump AmaPorter

Vertical single-stage submersible motor pump (grey cast iron) for waste water in close-coupled design for wet installation, stationary or transportable version.
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Main Applications

  • Pumping station
  • Domestic waste water
  • Waste water transport
  • Draining of pits, shafts, etc.

Technical Data

Max. flow rate
130 m3/h
Max. head
37 m
Max. allowed working pressure
16 bar
Maximum allowable fluid temperature
40 °C

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  • High operating reliability, even under tough operating conditions due to generously sized motor and thermal overload protection
  • Long service life with shaft made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and one or two bi-directional mechanical seals
  • Trouble-free operation: clogging by coarse particles is prevented by large free passage (vortex impeller) or by cutter with high mechanical resistance for grey water


  • A10A_25835650827-1_2
    Suitable for products to EN 12050-1
  • A10A_25835650827-2_2

Technical Data

Connection type
Drive concept
With electric actuator
Max. flow rate
130 m3/h
Min. flow rate
0.1 m3/h
Max. head
37 m
Min. head
0.1 m
Mains frequency
50 Hz
Mains voltage
230 V,
400 V
Casing material
Nominal pressure
PN 16
Max. allowed working pressure
16 bar
Suction behaviour
Maximum allowable fluid temperature
40 °C
Minimum allowable fluid temperature
2 °C

Characteristic curves