Protection module for water and waste water products as all-in-one device. Depending on the variant, it can be used for motor temperature measurement, bearing temperature measurement, leakage measurement, vibration measurement, voltage measurement and current measurement as well as for diagnosing a pump, pump system or submersible mixer to ensure trouble-free and reliable operation.
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Main Applications

  • Protecting and monitoring pumps, pump systems and submersible mixers in the most diverse of applications
  • Diagnosing pumps, pump systems and submersible mixers to ensure trouble-free and reliable operation
  • Analysing and linking data for condition monitoring

Useful Tools


The right solution for every unit

AmaControl is available in three different versions for different applications.

Find out which version is the right one for your application and your product with AmaControl Select.

The app also offers the option of downloading parameter files for parameterising your AmaControl.

With a parameter file, your AmaControl is set exactly to your respective product in no time at all.


AmaControl Simulator

The latest development, AmaControl 5, is a two-part protection concept consisting of a sensor module that is installed directly in the submersible motor unit and an evaluation unit that is placed in the control cabinet. Data is exchanged via a protected cable. The actual system data is constantly compared with warning and alarm values in order to recognise problems at an early stage.

The AmaControl Simulator demonstrates the interaction between the AmaProp submersible mixer, the PumpDrive R frequency converter and the AmaControl protection module.

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  • Protection and monitoring of pumps and submersible mixers by all-in-one device for motor temperature measurement, bearing temperature measurement, leakage measurement, vibration measurement and voltage measurement
  • Easy to install in control cabinet on top hat rail; quick and easy wiring with spring terminals
  • Straightforward commissioning as each variant is pre-parameterised for the product it will be used with


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    USA, Canada

Technical Data

Automation principle
Mains frequency
50 Hz,
60 Hz,
-99999 Hz
Mains voltage
24 V,
115 V,
220 V,
230 V
Rated voltage Monit unit
230 V,
24 V,
115 V,
220 V