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Pump monitoring (KSB-Guard)

Pump Monitoring from Specialists

KSB Guard: Pump monitoring as a digital solution

Prevent malfunctions and downtimes using the cloud-based monitoring system KSB Guard: helping you keep track of your pumps at all times.

Comprehensive monitoring of your pumps – any time, anywhere

On the one hand, smooth running is essential for your system. But on the other, you want to minimise outlay for system monitoring and maintenance. KSB Guard lets you achieve both. Keep an eye on all of your pumps’ data without needing to be on site.

KSB Guard monitors the vibration and temperature values of your pump at regular intervals and notifies you immediately of any deviations. This allows you to fix problems before more substantial damage occurs. KSB Guard also helps you schedule maintenance jobs based on specific measurement data.

What is more, KSB Guard saves resources right from its installation: the sensor unit is easy to install and pumps are quickly registered.

Service engineers with laptop in a plant

Pump monitoring in a plant

Also as a design version for potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX zone 1)

For potentially explosive atmospheres, the KSB Guard gateway, the sensor unit and the transmission and battery unit are available as versions certified for ATEX zone 1: the KSB Guard gateway in a flameproof enclosure, the sensor technology (KSB Guard sensor unit and KSB Guard transmission and battery unit) as intrinsically safe devices (Ex-i). All components are also suitable for outdoor installation.  

The certifications at a glance:

  • KSB Guard sensor unit and KSB Guard transmission and battery unit: II 2 G Ex ib IIC T4 Gb
  • KSB Guard gateway: II 2(1) G Ex db eb mb [ia Ga] IIC T4 Gb
Die KSB Guard Komponenten in EX-Ausführung: KSB Guard Sensoreinheit, KSB Guard Sende- und Batterieeinheit und KSB Guard Gateway

Our portfolio

  • Dynamic data updated hourly: load conditions (for fixed speed pumps)
  • Chronological progressions of vibrations (RMS values) and temperatures
  • Access to all important pump documents such as operating instructions

Your benefits

  • Your system at a glance – anywhere, at any time
  • Detect changes and potential problems early on to avoid malfunctions
  • Increased availability of your pumps as unnecessary maintenance is avoided
  • Reliable automated monitoring of your system
  • Solid data basis for optimising your system
  • Ready for operation in a few steps: installation during active operation possible, no additional cables or wires necessary

KSB Guard: Overview of system

Pump fitted with KSB Guard sensor unit and transmission and battery unit

1. KSB Guard sensor unit:

A vibration sensor and a temperature sensor record data directly at the pump.

2. KSB Guard transmission and battery unit:

Supplies power to the sensor unit and transfers measurement data to the gateway.

3. KSB Guard Gateway:

Supplies power to the sensor unit and transfers measurement data to the gateway.

4. KSB Guard web portal and app:

Data and additional information on the pump can be evaluated conveniently and easily in the app or accessed via a computer.

Inspection service

Inspection service

KSB’s inspection service provides regular pump inspection and pump maintenance to ensure the reliable operation and increased availability of your system.

  • Preventing failures
  • 24-hour on-call service
Maintenance inspection management

Maintenance inspection management

Inspecting and repairing pump sets while keeping downtimes short: KSB Service offers comprehensive maintenance inspection management for industrial facilities and power stations.

  • Pump inspection
  • Valve inspection
Pump repair

Pump Repair

KSB offers professional and fast service for pumps of any make and, if required, can modernise them to the latest technological standards. KSB also provides this service for explosion-proof pump sets.

  • For all makes
  • Pump set service

Refer to the online product catalogue for all technical information on KSB Guard.

KSB Guard

KSB Guard

The smart and comprehensive monitoring service for pumps and other rotating machinery, available 24/7 and also for non-KSB pumps. Benefit from predictive maintenance with KSB: comprehensive transparency, increased availability, enhanced operating reliability and efficient operation (of fixed-speed pumps). Important operating data such as vibrations, temperature, operating hours and load condition (of fixed-speed pumps) can be accessed via KSB Guard, anytime and from anywhere. In addition, deviations from normal operation trigger immediate notifications via the KSB Guard web portal and/or app. The experts at the KSB Monitoring Centre also provide support in analysing causes.