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Our solutions for reliable drainage

All buildings and households require tailored solutions that operate without creating noise or odours, effectively, sustainably and – above all – reliably. Further expectations are for costs to be saved in the long term, pumps and valves to run smoothly and ideally to be easy and space-saving to install. KSB offers you a broad range of energy-efficient, low-maintenance, durable and reliable high-quality pumps and valves. Our team will be pleased to assist you for your stormwater and waste water to be drained reliably, too.

Pumps and systems for domestic drainage

KSB's AmaDrainer, AmaPorter and Amarex submersible motor pumps for domestic drainage

Our submersible motor pumps

What submersible motor pump is best suited for what application? What distinguishes them from each other? For the best solution, take a look at the large range of our AmaDrainer, AmaPorter and Amarex families in a direct comparison and see what control options they can be combined with.

AmaDrainer Box, Compacta and MiniCompacta lifting units for domestic drainage

Lifting units

Whether single-pump or dual-pump unit, for waste water with or without faeces, for drainage below the flood level or use as backflow protection: We offer you a broad range of lifting units for reliable and trouble-free drainage. Find the right unit in a comparison of our products.

 CK 800, CK 1000 and Ama-Porter CK waste water pump stations for the drainage of buildings

Waste water pump stations

The ready-to-connect units in single-pump or dual-pump design are perfect for stormwater or grey water applications. They are easy to install, service-friendly, customised, and can be reliably controlled with LevelControl 2.

High-quality valves by KSB for all drainage applications

Our range of valves covers all building services applications. Whether butterfly valves, globe valves, gate valves or ball valves. At KSB you will definitely find the right model for your project.

High-quality valves by KSB for all heating, ventilation and air-conditioning applications

KSB at your side: What can we do for you?

Exciting articles, informative texts and success stories surrounding drainage

"Die Macherei" urban office and commercial quarter in Munich

Certified pumping power in Munich's urban office and commercial quarter

When it comes to large-scale projects, KSB is often called on to provide more than just standard products and off-the-shelf solutions. In these situations, design modifications may be needed to meet the customer’s specific technical requirements or KSB’s specialists may have to use their expertise to overcome site-specific hurdles. However, in the case of "Die Macherei" (The Makery) in Munich, KSB was able to get a new urban office and commercial quarter up and running with standard products, and even earned one of the world’s most demanding sustainability certificates in the process.

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