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Maintenance inspection management

Maintenance Inspection Management

Complex system inspections – one-stop coordination

Inspecting and repairing pump sets while keeping downtimes short: KSB Service offers comprehensive maintenance inspection management for industrial facilities and power stations.

Maintenance inspection management for systems: Pump and valve maintenance inspections and more

With precise planning and preparation, KSB’s maintenance inspection management ensures successful system maintenance inspections in power station and industrial facilities. 

KSB service specialists check your valves, pumps and other rotating equipment for correct functioning and, if required, repair them at a fixed price within the shortest possible downtime. 

Each system maintenance inspection is documented, including optimisation suggestions for subsequent maintenance inspections.

KSB SupremServ employee performing welding work on a valve

KSB SupremServ employee performing welding work on a valve

Our portfolio

  • Standard overhaul of valves, pumps and other rotating equipment of all makes, including manpower and logistics, tools and special machinery
  • Provision of standard wear parts, sealing elements and packings
  • Machining based on diagnosis, retrofitting

Your benefits

  • One-stop coordination
  • Specialists with many years of experience and manufacturer know-how ensure safety and reliability
  • Flexibility when additional staff are needed at short notice
  • Spare parts stocking no longer necessary
  • Predictable costs thanks to fixed prices for system maintenance inspection
  • Transparency ensured via history files kept for all pumps and valves
  • Insights regarding optimisation are considered during subsequent maintenance inspections of pumps and valves
Spare parts inventory management

Spare parts inventory management

With its inventory management service, KSB provides recommendations for maintaining optimum spare parts stocks and preventing excess stocks or shortages of spare parts.

  • Reduced inventory costs
  • Improved availability
Spare parts kits for pumps and valves

Spare Parts Kits

KSB offers complete spare parts kits for many pump ranges. The kits contain sealing elements, bearings and impellers, for example, and are considerably less expensive than purchasing each part separately.

  • All main wear parts in one set
  • Easy to order and available at short notice