Fossil-fuelled power plant

Fossil-Fuelled Power Plants

Power plant pumps and valves from KSB: maximising energy generation

More than 170,000 pumps and around 3 million valves from KSB ensure efficient power generation at low operating costs in over 1,000 fossil-fuelled power plants worldwide.

The energy market places special demands on machinery and materials

Being strongly influenced by raw material factors, the energy market demands above all flexible solutions. Targeted reductions in CO2 emissions mean that continuously rising energy demand will in future increasingly be met via renewable energies.

To ensure that energy can continue to be produced reliably, economically and in an environmentally friendly manner, advanced fossil-fuelled power plants need flexible solutions and high-performance products more than ever before. Excellent efficiency, low life cycle costs and absolute operating reliability have priority. Long-term smooth and completely reliable operation must be ensured at all times.

Outstanding performance under any load 

Power plant pumps and high-pressure valves from KSB are ideally suited to the flexible operation of thermal power plants. They work particularly efficiently and reliably at all times – regardless of the capacity at which your power plant is operating. KSB pumps also make a decisive contribution to maintaining the excellent efficiencies of today’s steam power plants. This delivers substantial energy savings and a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. And you benefit from certainty in planning and costs essential for the sensitive energy market.

KSB products: as flexible as the energy market demands

Power plant pumps and valves from KSB are able to withstand the highest pressures and temperatures in condensate, feed water and steam systems – regardless of the load situation. Thanks to wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials developed in-house, KSB products ensure maximum operational reliability and economic efficiency in all processes. An example can be found in Residur® ceramic bearings developed by KSB, which deliver considerable cost savings.

As a full-range supplier, KSB is ready to support you across the entire technical planning process for the repair or modernisation of your plant – from inspection and component manufacture to installation, test runs and complete new installations. KSB retrofits offer cost-effective and efficient retrofitting of individual pumps for fossil-fuelled power stations or even complete systems for fossil-fuelled power stations.

Support from KSB in a fossil-fuelled power plant: experts on hand

Commissioning a boiler feed pump in the lignite-fired power station Neurath, Germany

Our portfolio

KSB offers a wide range of products for fossil-fuelled power plants of all power classes

  • Boiler feed pumps
  • Recirculation pumps
  • Cooling water pumps and condensate pumps
  • Non-return valves and control valves
  • Butterfly valves and ball valves
  • Diaphragm valves
  • Feed water bypass valves and line blind valves

Applications include

  • District heating, boiler feeding and recirculation, cooling circuits, flue gas desulphurisation

Your benefits

  • Efficient power generation with low energy consumption
  • Long-term cost-savings and reliable operation of your plant
  • High-performance and reliable components – optimised for operational reliability
  • Performance testing conducted under real operating conditions
  • Modernisation and optimisation of the plant via appropriate retrofit measures
  • Decades of engineering experience in the power plant sector 
  • Around-the-clock service from more than 170 service centres worldwide

Certified quality

ASME Certificate N / NS / NPT

ASME Certificate N / NS / NPT


Illustration of the phases of a product life cycle: Consultation and analysis, commissioning, operation and repair

Service at KSB SupremeServ means being fully looked after

KSB SupremeServ offers you a comprehensive range of services and spare parts for pumps, valves and other equipment – including for products from other manufacturers – from face-to-face consultation to installation, commissioning, maintenance and repair. More than 3500 specialists in over 190 service centres worldwide are available around the clock, seven days a week. Concentrate on your core business – and let us take care of the rest.

Installation and commissioning

Installation and Commissioning

Reliability right from the start: KSB service specialists are there to take care of your system with the installation of pumps, valves and automation components. Professional, reliable, on hand worldwide.

  • For a start-up as required
  • Also for non-KSB products
Maintenance inspection management

Maintenance inspection management

Inspecting and repairing pump sets while keeping downtimes short: KSB Service offers comprehensive maintenance inspection management for industrial facilities and power stations.

  • Pump inspection
  • Valve inspection
Reverse Engineering for pumps and valves

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering makes it possible to quickly reproduce pump spare parts that are hard to find or no longer available.

  • Straightforward reproduction of spare parts
  • The quality matches that of the original