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Engineered pump control systems

When the standard is not enough: Engineered pump control systems

Does your system process have technical requirements that can’t be met with an integrated speed control system?

A system that controls, regulates and monitors - professionally and automatically.

Whether it is a new system or a conversion or extension of an existing system - KSB's engineered pump control system is the professional for demand-driven operation and offers the optimum solution for your individual application.

The control system includes a large number of pump-specific functions that are linked together in the modular control cabinet design. Features such as flexibility or maximum operating and process reliability speak for KSB's intelligent solution. Up to 6 pumps can be controlled via one system. One frequency converter is provided per pump.
Also included in the scope of delivery:

  • Power distribution
  • Fuse outlets
  • Filter ventilation
  • Electrical mains bypass (on request)
  • Main switch
  • SPS control / manual operation
  • Touch panel for easy operation
  • Profibus DP, Profinet, Ethernet TCP/IP interface

We won’t leave you alone in any phase of your project!

Experienced project engineers accompany and support you throughout the entire process. With their extensive automation know-how, they will help you to create a pump control system that is perfectly matched to your requirements.

  1. Planning: automation experts advise you on the targeted selection of pumps and valves and develop a suitable control concept for your specific application.
  2. Implementation: KSB supplies a modular, control cabinet-based pump control system (PLC control), adapted to your system conditions.
  3. Commissioning: Of course, our specialists will explain the handling and function of the system to you during commissioning.

You benefit several times over...

  • Safe, trouble-free and efficient operation
  • Protection of the pumps against inadmissible operation through optimal automatic balancing of all load and fault situations
  • Reduction of operating and maintenance costs through operation of the pumps in the optimum efficiency range
  • Simple and intuitive operation of the pump control
  • Quick and uncomplicated commissioning thanks to the customised software concept
  • Service work on the control cabinet is also possible during operation
  • Increased availability in case of PLC failure via emergency operation level