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Service employee viewing operating data on his tablet via KSB Guard.

The smart future becomes reality: From digital transparency to Maintenance 4.0

Digitalisation is forging ahead in a wide range of diverse processes – Industry 4.0 is becoming a living reality. The main driving force behind this development are products that today are already smarter, more automated and thus more reliable. Get yourself up to date on topics such as remote monitoring or predictive maintenance.

Building containing the Ruhrverband’s headquarters in Essen from the outside

Smart sensors enhance operating reliability

In one of Europe’s largest conurbations, the Ruhr Region, the Ruhrverband makes sure that enormous quantities of waste water are transferred and treated reliably. As part of this process, 125 pumping stations pump the waste water to a total of 63 waste water treatment plants. For a long time, the pumps used to be functionally tested by hand, with service personnel having to travel long distances to do so. For that reason, the Ruhrverband looked for an automated solution together with KSB.

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