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The new EtaLine Pro in-line pump by KSB: The beginning of a new era

EtaLine Pro: The start of a new era

We did not reinvent the wheel. But we did reinvent the pump. The new EtaLine Pro is the first of its kind to feature a totally integrated concept and to have been developed consistently to meet the highest demands. It combines maximum efficiency with unprecedented flexibility and thus changes the entire world of pumps.

Fresh approach. New design.

The new EtaLine Pro in-line pump fundamentally changes the way pumps are used, from system design and pump procurement to the operation of a system. This is made possible primarily by its design for high speeds and its intelligent control options. With these features, EtaLine Pro has a significantly broader operating field than any of its predecessors, resulting in a number of advantages:

  • Tune to process: Until now, pumps were designed for specific environments and only used accordingly. EtaLine Pro can be used on a much wider basis. If a design operating point does not correspond to reality or if it changes, e.g. due to structural changes, the pump is simply readjusted and can continue to be operated at a high level of efficiency. In addition, there is no need to provide a power reserve in the design.
  • Fewer models: The broad operating field has meant that the number of sizes has been radically reduced. Previously, around 40 sizes covered the entire performance range. Now, there are only 15, namely DN25, DN32, DN40, DN50 and DN65.
  • Tune to order: Reducing the number of models offers great opportunities in the procurement process, warehousing and spare parts management. Fewer models means: faster delivery of pumps and spare parts, less storage space required, more flexible use for replacement, and streamlined logistics.
  • Longer life cycle: If the operating parameters of a pump change, it can be quickly adapted to the new requirements and does not have to be replaced as before. This saves money and supports the concept of sustainability.
  • Easier handling: Besides reducing the number of sizes, the components are now also less complex. The result is a compact, fully integrated pump that is easy to install, operate and maintain.
  • Greater sustainability: The new EtaLine Pro has been developed with a clear focus on sustainability. There has been a major reduction in the materials used, pump manufacturing is carbon neutralized and the material circularity indicator has been improved significantly.

The new EtaLine Pro: A new era in building services

Its flexible application options with highly efficient operation at all times, as well as its simple operation and service-friendliness make the new EtaLine Pro a true all-rounder in building services. Its applications include:

  • Air-conditioning systems
  • Cooling circuits
  • Heating systems
  • Water supply systems (not drinking water)
  • Service water supply systems
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Industrial recirculation systems
  • Filtration and cleaning circuits
EtaLine Pro

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