Clear water flowing through a sump into a tank

Water Applications

Water pumps and valves from KSB find successful use all over the world

Reliable pumps and valves, innovative technology, comprehensive service: KSB is an expert in reliable and efficient water extraction, water treatment and water distribution.

Optimised products from a specialist for the entire water cycle

Fresh, clean water every day: a challenge for water technology applications. Today’s water management systems have to meet complex requirements. Failure is not an option, yet systems are expected to work as cost-effectively and energy-efficiently as possible – for decades at a time. This means that consultants, engineering contractors and operators need an experienced partner who knows every detail of the application and is thus able to select the right products. These are pumps and valves that ensure low operating costs and reliable operation.

Whether water extraction, water treatment or water transport: KSB offers pumps and valves for the entire water cycle. As a market leader for these applications, KSB offers a wide range of high-quality water pumps and valves that are particularly efficient and reliable. These enable KSB to ensure that water technology systems can be operated reliably and economically.

To ensure optimum operation, KSB products are expertly designed for the fluid handled and the specific application. Learning from decades of experience and keeping one step ahead in research and development helps us to ensure the high quality of our products and services. This enables you to operate your system reliably, smoothly and with low life cycle costs. Comprehensive advice and a high level of service expertise provide you with additional support.

Applications for water technology

Spring basin in waterworks

Water Treatment

As a globally recognised specialist for water treatment, KSB sets standards in waterworks systems and desalination systems from Paris to New York, Sao Paulo, Sydney and Singapore. 

Buoys limit the water protection zone in Lake Constance

Water Extraction

Water is precious. Pumps from KSB are used to produce drinking water – by drawing water from wells or extracting surface water.

Clear water flows through a pipe into a water body

Water Supply and Transport

With more and more people to supply, drinking water must be transported reliably and efficiently over long distances. KSB is successfully tackling this challenge – all over the world.


Controlling and Monitoring

Whether you are installing a new system or retrofitting an existing one, KSB provides components to help you control and monitor your pumps. Our customised solutions not only lay the foundations for energy-efficient operation but also ensure operating reliability and system availability. Moreover, they are easily integrated into existing process control systems.