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EtaLine Pro: The new in-line pump for building services applications
7 min read

EtaLine revolutionises the world of pumps

From planning to procurement and operation: KSB's new EtaLine (Pro) in-line pump changes the way pumps are handled. It's very different to how it was done in the past. How is that possible? Read more about the unique opportunities the new pump generation provides.

From planning to procurement and operation: KSB's new EtaLine (Pro) in-line pump changes the way pumps are handled. It's very different to how it was done in the past. How is that possible? Read more about the unique opportunities the new pump generation provides.

A broader performance range for a more versatile use

Imagine the construction plan for a large new administration building is close to being finalised. The entire system for heating and cooling supply has been planned down to the last detail, including all pipes, pumps and valves. And then, some constructional parameters that were thought to be fixed suddenly change – and, with that, the assumed head for the planned pumps changes too. This turns out to be a real problem as the pumps have been selected for the previous specifications and have already been ordered. 

What to do? In the past, pump selection would have had to be re-started. Previously, every pump model could only be operated in its optimum within a relatively narrow range. A change in the required head or flow rate usually meant that a different pump size was required.

With the new EtaLine Pro in-line pump for building services and the new Pumps for industrial applications a dream has come true for everyone involved with pumps: The performance range of each model is approximately 50 % larger than before – and that without any efficiency losses. Where comparable type series needed around 40 sizes, EtaLine Pro covers the H/Q selection chart with only 15 sizes. In our example this means: The pumps can be used as planned; neither a new selection nor a different model are required.

A building services consultant selecting pumps

Thanks to the broad performance range of EtaLine Pro, planning buildings has become a lot easier and more future-proof.

Versatility meets efficiency - finally.

Being able to control pumps in building services applications is not new. On the contrary: Modern systems that can be adjusted to different operating conditions are by no means an exception today. What is new is the large range in which EtaLine Pro can be operated highly efficiently. Where the selection chart used to be covered by many pumps, each of which had a narrow performance range, it will now be covered by only a few sizes with a much broader performance range. This makes the new pump more versatile in use than any of its predecessors – without any compromise on efficiency. Using this pump comes with many new opportunities:

  • Changed requirements no longer automatically entail a new selection and a new pump size; the selected pump can continue to be used and run at its optimum operating point.
  • EtaLine Pro can be generously sized and then intelligently controlled during operation without having to compromise on efficiency or service life.
  • The large scope for optimising the operating mode while the pump is running ensures unrivalled overall system efficiency.

Tune to order: the completely new way of procurement

Reducing variant diversity by more than 50 % offers great opportunities in many ways. Especially in the procurement process, warehouse logistics and availability for delivery, OEMs and distributors will enjoy significant benefits: 

  • For example, for many applications the required pumps are not immediately available; they will only be manufactured after receipt of order. This can take a few weeks. With its broad application range, EtaLine Pro can often cover such cases – and as a standard pump it can be supplied much faster than a special pump made to order.
  • This also applies to the option of replacing pumps: Each model of the EtaLine Pro family is suitable for replacing a number of pumps installed in the system rather than just a specific model. This means: Replacement will become easier and a significantly smaller number of spare pumps will need to be stocked.
  • Its standard interfaces and standard dimensions further make EtaLine Pro a virtual all-rounder. This means: For critical applications stocking this pump is much easier than stocking special pumps or pumps with a conventional performance range.
  • Even if the exact requirements have not been firmly fixed during the planning phase of a project, a suitable pump can be ordered early on in the process, so it will be on hand when needed. 
  • The reduced variant diversity has got major benefits for spare parts management. Fewer pump sizes mean: Spare parts management is less complex, delivery is faster, warehouse logistics are easier, less space is required, and installation is more convenient.

A technician adjusting settings at Etaline Pro via the app

Optimised operation? A matter of settings. EtaLine Pro is easy to adjust to changing parameters via the app.

Tune to process: the completely new way of system operation

The large range within which EtaLine Pro can be operated highly efficiently has got a spin-on effect on the system operation overall: Never before were pump systems as flexible in planning and as versatile in operation. That's what we call "tune to process".

  • When planning a system it is no longer quite as important how exactly the system will be operated after its completion – EtaLine Pro is a safe choice for the highest possible efficiency. Future-proofing is now automatically integrated in planning.
  • Never before were systems able to be realised for such a broad performance range. This simplifies the design of modern systems with multiple sources, for example, where the load could vary greatly.
  • The likeliness of having to replace a pump with a different model when conditions change decreases drastically. Instead, the fitted EtaLine Pro pump can quickly and easily be adjusted to the new requirements, without the need to alter the hydraulic system.
  • Should an EtaLine Pro have to be replaced after all, the likeliness it can be used elsewhere in the system increases due to its versatility. Instead of the pump having to be disposed of, its life cycle will be drastically extended. This lowers costs and increases sustainability.


Every size of the new EtaLine Pro can be operated optimally within a distinctly larger performance range. This more than halves the number of sizes required – from 40 to only 15 variants. The most diverse of benefits result for system planning, procuring and stocking pumps and spare parts, and naturally also for operating building services systems.

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