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Schematic diagram of a data network in a production plant

KSB Guard data interface

Migrating data to your existing system couldn’t be easier

Via the KSB Guard data interface you can integrate all information generated by the monitoring solution into your existing system – independently from the KSB Guard app or web portal.

Simply link KSB Guard data with your system

KSB Guard – the smart monitoring solution for pumps and other rotating equipment – offers you digital transparency with real benefits: optimise your servicing and maintenance strategies, reduce downtimes and save on operating costs.

Service employee viewing operating data on his tablet via KSB Guard.

The standardised REST API data interface allows you to integrate and visualise all data collected by KSB Guard directly in your existing system, ensuring all your data is conveniently available in a single place. From this central point you can use and manage data and combine it with other data.

Schematic diagram of data flow – from sensors to data export.

Simply link KSB Guard data with your system

  • A list of registered pumps and the corresponding IDs
  • The last successful measurement and current limit values
  • Pump ON or OFF
  • RMS values along the x, y and z axes
  • Temperature values
  • Load condition of fixed speed pumps
  • Time of measurement
  • Serial number of the KSB Guard sensor unit and pump
  • Alarm and warning statuses
  • Recommendations for action

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Integrate all data recorded by KSB Guard into your own system – regardless what system you are using
  • Visualise information
  • Combine KSB Guard data with other data
  • Store data in any location
  • For a set installation price, the data per organisation of any number of sensor units can be accessed for an unlimited time.

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