View digital pump status data on a tablet.

KSB Guard

KSB Guard, the smart monitoring solution, enables you to easily introduce digital monitoring for your pumps or other rotating equipment.

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Hardware components

For each pump, all you need for a simple start to digitalisation is an easy to install KSB Guard kit (450,38 CHF), consisting of a sensor unit and a transmission and battery unit. To transmit data, you also need the KSB Guard gateway (821,90 CHF), which is able to handle up to 40 pumps.

By the way, KSB Guard works with most common centrifugal pumps and other rotating equipment – not just with KSB products.

KSB Guard kit and KSB Guard gateway

Low-cost tariff options for data transmission

Our tariff packages offer you exactly the services you need.

To get you started, we’ll cover the fee for two years of hourly data recording and transmission.

Discover the benefits of KSB Guard for yourself.

The KSB Guard introductory tariff and KSB Guard data package

Test KSB Guard!

Experience KSB Guard “live”: Request your free test account for the KSB Guard web portal and have a look online at the status values of pumps in operation at KSB locations.

Screenshot KSB Guard
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