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KSB Guard and my data

What happens with my data?

The data is stored on German servers compliant with the highest of security requirements (ISO 27001). 

Are my data safe?

Yes, your data are safe because…

  • KSB Guard is outside the customer network, therefore ruling out the risk of someone externally gaining access to the customer network.
  • The gateway sends the data via secure mobile communication to the KSB Cloud.
  • The data can only be accessed with personal log-ins via https (SSL).


  • German server locations are used to store the data.
  • Servers comply with the highest security standards (ISO 27001, C5, CSA, PCI, etc).

Is there an interface?

Yes, there is. With the KSB Guard data interface you can access the data measured by KSB Guard via a REST-API interface to integrate the data into your system and visualise it. Find out more here