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What costs can I expect?

What are the things I need?

  • Each pump requires a sensor unit and a transmission and battery unit.
  • In addition, you will need a gateway that can send the data of up to 40 pumps to the KSB Cloud. When you purchase a KSB Guard you will also receive a data package for hourly measurements that is valid for two years. 
  • After you have used it for two years some extra costs will incur.  

What are the usage fees?    

Kick-off promotion: To start with we are giving you two years of usage fees for free. This covers hourly data measurement and transmission. 

After these two years, you can simply extend your KSB Guard subscription by another year. Extension packages, for which you will be invoiced on a yearly basis, ensure continued measurement per hour.

By the way: flexible options such as attractive discount conditions and add-ons are available for your booking.

What initial investment costs am I looking at?    

To start with you will need:

  • One KSB Guard kit per pump (CHF 438.54)
  • One gateway for transmitting the data of up to 40 pumps to the KSB Cloud (CHF 800.30)