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What exactly is KSB Guard?

What is KSB Guard about?    

KSB Guard is a smart solution for monitoring small as well as large pump populations and other machinery. 
The solution comprises easy-to-install, economically priced sensors and a software connected to the Cloud. The data is transmitted between the machinery and the Cloud via the mobile phone network and does not depend on specific infrastructure.

What can I use it for?  

It allows you to live monitor the status data of most of your pumps, no matter if they were made by KSB or other manufacturers. This helps you optimise your maintenance strategies, detect any anomalies at an early stage and prevent damage as well as failures.

What does KSB Guard do to help?    

Via temperature and vibration sensors KSB Guard checks whether your pump is running properly. It displays the measured data in the KSB Guard web portal or app. It is a smart solution that alerts you when status data exceed the limit you have set. Even in busy times, you can simply cast a glance at the web portal or app. In this way you will always be informed about the condition of your pump population and can optimise operation and maintenance.