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At KSB we pride ourselves in having a high level of technical proficiency in the field of fluid systems – “Our Technology Your Success.” We encourage and welcome the opportunity to interact with our customers to fully understand the challenges associated with their specific application.

The (Dis)comfort of Asking for Help

Our goal is to identify and rectify any potential pitfalls in the system design, thus avoiding system issues which often show themselves at the pump. It was then a humbling experience when I didn’t take this approach in my personal life as I do every day professionally.

Upon the failure of a hot tub whose jets stopped working, my initial assessment was to conclude a motor failure. My justifications were based upon the age of the equipment and the frequency of use. As a result of this impulsive diagnosis I poured all efforts into sourcing a direct pump replacement. This turned out to be a costly mistake where upon installing the replacement pump I was disappointed to find the problem remained. Confused, I swallowed my pride and called the manufacturer. The call lasted less than 5 minutes and the suggestion was to replace one of the fuses.

Later, as I sat in the hot tub, with all jets running, I reflected on my actions. My focus of attention was based upon the wrong thing: finding a replacement pump, not actually checking to confirm if my diagnosis was the right one. If I had reached out to the experts first I would have saved myself a lot of time, effort and money. Lesson learned: it’s OK to ask for help and guidance. Our proficient KSB team are here to provide the expertise you need to get it right the first time, and they will do so in a manner consistent with our core values of respect, integrity and accountability.  We are never further then a quick call or an email away.