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KSB Prefabricated Pump Stations

KSB’s prefabricated pump stations are locally designed here in Canada for your custom application and fit into your project seamlessly. Fully assembled at our shop prior to shipment, these ready-to-connect pump stations simplify planning and reduce installation costs.

Tailored For Your Project

Pre-engineered pump stations arrive onsite with all components preassembled in a Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) tank completely sealed to the surrounding environment. The wet well is designed based on the actual environmental parameters of the project location to ensure long-term efficient and trouble-free operation. KSB manages everything including all aspects of design (mechanical, electrical, civil, controls and structural engineering,) manufacture, assembly, commissioning and even aftermarket support.

KSB’s prefabricated stations are a great solution to comfortably manage a wide range of flowrates and capacities to meet the average daily flows as well as peak demand. They can be designed to handle wastewater, storm water or industrial applications including corrosive fluids.

An Efficient Turnkey Solution

KSB’s prefabricated stations not only reduce site installation work and cost, these compact stations are designed to minimize clogging and sediment build-up problems.

For ease of operation, KSB’s prefabricated lift station systems come with a control panel that contains all the necessary operational features and digital or analog indicators. This allows operators to view system performance and make changes as needed. The control panel is preprogrammed and tested at shop by simulating a broad range of requirements for different operation conditions. Once onsite, installation and startup of these smart control systems are quick and easy. These systems can be connected to a SCADA system (supervisory control and data acquisition) for 24/7 monitoring and control of the water content from anywhere. Operators can easily monitor, diagnose and adjust the system remotely from a mobile phone or remote computer.

Designed and manufactured locally in Canada, KSB’s prefabricated wastewater pump stations are compliant with all local health and safety regulations and standards. Their compact design minimizes space / footprint requirements while providing superior performance meaning minimal maintenance requirements and low operating costs. Trust the pump and hydraulic experts with your next lift station project.

Our portfolio

Features of KSB's Prefabricated Lift Stations

  • Fully integrated multi-purpose control system
  • Automatic programmable flushing and mixing system
  • Pump safety monitoring systems
  • Automatic self-cleaning program
  • Excellent corrosion and wear resistant fibre reinforced plastic (FRP)
  • Guide wire / bar retrieval system for easy installation and removal
  • Exhaust air, ventilation package and heating system
  • Special dry well design with duplex or triplex arrangement

Applications include

  • Wastewater disposal
  • Drainage systems
  • Storm water management
  • Industrial corrosive fluid handling
  • Small compounds
  • New developments
  • Remote locations

Your benefits

  • Single warranty for the entire system
  • Engineering support from early stage of basic design
  • KSB coordinates all engineering disciplines including hydraulics, structural, piping, electrical and control
  • Expert aftermarket support by KSB SupremeServ