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Buoys limit the water protection zone in Lake Constance

Water Extraction

Clean drinking water worldwide – thanks to water extraction pumps from KSB.

Water is precious. Pumps from KSB are used to produce drinking water – by drawing water from wells or extracting surface water.

Energy and thus costs can be saved during water extraction

Install and forget: This is the wish of many plant operators. Submersible borehole pumps are installed deep in wells or shafts, making them difficult to access. They must therefore be virtually maintenance-free when it comes to water extraction and provide reliable operation for a very long time. However, since submersible motors require more energy than dry-installed motors, energy-efficient products are required to reduce the overall costs of the system.

Pumps deliver outstanding performance – even under water

KSB is a full-liner for pumps, valves and service for water extraction applications with decades of experience and in-depth application knowledge. KSB offers you a comprehensive portfolio of dry-installed and wet-installed pumps and valves that are perfectly optimized to work with each other. All KSB products offer long-term efficiency and reliability and require minimal maintenance. This ensures the efficient, trouble-free operation of your system.

Our portfolio

KSB offers a wide range of products for water extraction

  • Axially split pumps 
  • Vertical turbine pumps
  • Pressure boosting systems
  • Drainage- / waste water pumps
  • High-pressure pumps
  • Standardized pumps
  • Tubular casing pumps- / submersible pumps in discharge tubes
  • Volute casing pumps
  • Submersible motor pumps / submersible borehole pumps
  • Valves of various designs

Applications include

  • Water extraction from rivers, lakes and the sea
  • Groundwater extraction fromm wells and shafts 
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Drawdown of groundwater levels
  • Maintenance of groundwater levels

Your benefits

  • A broad portfolio featuring pumps and valves of different designs for all water extraction processes ensures you will find the product you need.
  • Expert advice for consultants, engineering contractors and operators thanks to extensive experience in numerous international projects 
  • Optimized systems thanks to engineering services from a single source
  • Reduced energy consumption via submersible motors with high levels of efficiency
  • Improved system performance due to intelligent drive technology and variable speed systems
  • Optimized selection of pumps and matching valves with KSB Helps and KSB EasySelect
  • Reliable international supplier of pumps, valves and service – on the market for 150 years
  • Service and spare parts solutions covering the entire product life cycle complemented by 24-hour service from more than 3000 specialists in over 170 service centres worldwide 

Find suitable pumps for water extraction

From submersible pumps to tubular casing pumps and submersible pumps in discharge tubes: KSB offers the right pumps and valves for all water extraction processes.

UPA 200 / UPA S 200

UPA 200 / UPA S 200

Single-stage or multistage single-entry centrifugal pump in ring-section design for vertical or horizontal installation. Optionally available with lift check valve or connection branch. For well diameters of 8 inches and above.



Vertical tubular casing pump with open mixed flow impeller, pump intake with inlet nozzle or suction elbow, pull-out design available, discharge nozzle arranged above- or underfloor, flanges to DIN or ANSI standards available.

Amacan P

Amacan P

Wet-installed submersible motor pump for installation in discharge tubes, with axial propeller in ECB design, single-stage, single-entry. ATEX-compliant version available.

Find suitable valves for water extraction

ISORIA 10/16

ISORIA 10/16

Centred-disc butterfly valve with ISO 5211 compliant square shaft end, sealed by elastomer liner, with lever or manual gearbox, pneumatic, electric or hydraulic actuator. Wafer-type body (T1), semi-lug body (T2), full-lug body (T4) or U-section body with flat faces (T5). Body types T2 and T4 are suitable for downstream dismantling and dead-end service with counterflange. Connections to EN, ASME, JIS.



Gate valve to DIN/EN with flanged ends, elastomer-coated wedge, bolted bonnet, rotating stem, inside screw, body made of nodular cast iron.



Weir-type diaphragm valve to DIN/EN with flanged ends, straight-way pattern, for drinking water installations to DIN 1988, DIN-DVGW-approved for water acc. to test W 270, in compliance with the latest elastomers guideline of the German Environment Agency; shut-off and sealing to atmosphere by confined and supported SISTOMaXX diaphragm; position indicator with integrated stem protection. All moving parts are separated from the fluid by the diaphragm. Maintenance-free.

Illustration of the phases of a product life cycle: Consultation and analysis, commissioning, operation and repair

Service at KSB SupremeServ means being fully looked after

KSB SupremeServ offers you a comprehensive range of services and spare parts for pumps, valves and other equipment – including for products from other manufacturers – from face-to-face consultation to installation, commissioning, maintenance and repair. More than 3500 specialists in over 190 service centres worldwide are available around the clock, seven days a week. Concentrate on your core business – and let us take care of the rest.

Inspection service

Preventive maintenance

KSB’s inspection service provides regular pump inspection and pump maintenance to ensure the reliable operation and increased availability of your system.

  • Preventing failures
  • 24-hour on-call service
Reverse Engineering for pumps and valves

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering makes it possible to quickly reproduce pump spare parts that are hard to find or no longer available.

  • Straightforward reproduction of spare parts
  • The quality matches that of the original
KSB mechanical seals for pumps and valves

KSB Mechanical Seals

The mechanical seal is one of the most important components in any pump. KSB’s in-house shaft seals ensure that your system operates efficiently.

  • Longer service life
  • Reduced costs for maintenance and spare parts