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Continuing a culture of diversity, inclusiveness and employee enrichment at KSB Canada

KSB Canada is thrilled to announce the promotion of our Financial Controller of 17 years, Christine Moore, to Managing Director.

Long nicknamed the “mother” of the office, Moore has always done so much more than manage the company’s financial well-being, so her transition to Managing Director has been welcomed and smooth.

Christine continues to emphasize supporting employees as the best way to ensure the company’s continued success.  The basis of her approach is that every single employee provides value to the company within their area of expertise. Positive recognition of achievements, a focus on individual strengths and encouraging employees to pursue personal development results in a solid, fully engaged team.

Strength in diversity is another important theme that Moore continues to prioritize.  “As a female leader, I recognize the areas that I am not an expert in, and ensure that I have colleagues working closely with me to provide this expertise,” explains Moore. Christine’s management team is 40% female, and the entire team is nearly 30% female: impressive numbers from a predominantly male industry.  KSB Canada embraces cultures and backgrounds from all corners of the globe among its staff, mirroring the patchwork quilt diversity of Canada.

When you choose to work with KSB, you choose a dynamic, diverse team who is committed to their own personal development. This positivity and determination translates into a project team who stops at nothing to ensure each project’s and customer’s success.

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Imagine what KSB can do for you...

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