Pump sets for fire fighting

Opt for safety: KSB pump sets for your fire protection

Industrial plants and large buildings are often fitted with fire-fighting systems. Automatic sprinkler installations are able to detect a fire and can extinguish or contain it at an early stage. Hydrant systems are not the same as automatic fire-fighting systems. They provide the pressure required for a user to fight the fire directly.

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Our products for reliable fire protection

KSB's sprinkler installations to VDS and FM for reliable fire protection

Hydrant pumps

Our DIN 14462-compliant pressure booster system for hydrant fire fighting systems with or without integrated break tank prepare you well for the event of a fire. The products offer a maximum in operating reliability and safety. Find out more about fire fighting solutions of the Hya-D FL type series.

deluge systems

Deluge systems and foam systems

Perfect fire protection places high demands: Deluge systems to CEN TS 14972 require a significantly higher pressure to generate more droplets at a lower volume of fire fighting water. And foam systems to EN 13565 need pumps to be built from materials impervious to the aggressive medium. For further information on our deluge systems, please contact your local sales branch.

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