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KSB is a leading supplier of pumps, valves and related systems.

These are used in a large variety of applications ranging from building services, industry and water transport to waste water treatment and power plant processes.

About us

KSB Austria offers a diverse portfolio of pumps and valves. These are used in a variety of applications ranging from building services, industry and water transport to waste water treatment and power plant processes. The company also provides expert consulting and professional services covering the entire life cycle of your system.

The smooth and energy-efficient operation of your system is our primary concern. KSB Austria attaches great importance to sustainability and environmental awareness in all of its activities. Our stringent quality standards have been recognised through multiple certifications.

KSB Austria’s engineers and technicians benefit from many years of experience with both pumps and valves from KSB as well as products from other manufacturers. KSB Austria maintains trusted partnerships with selected distributors.

KSB Österreich Gesellschaft m.b.H. is part of the internationally active group of companies managed by KSB SE & Co KGaA.

KSB Austria
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Beyond Austria, KSB has a presence in over 100 countries with sales offices, agencies and production sites. Wherever you are, our expert customer support staff are always close at hand.

KSB Österreich Gesellschaft m.b.H. has its head office in Vienna. Founded in June 1961, the company now employs a staff of 70 who are committed to finding optimum solutions which meet your requirements.


Responsible company management and controlling, innovative technology and excellent service rank highly at KSB Österreich Gesellschaft m.b.H.. This philosophy is backed by people committed to it in their daily work.



KSB Österreich Gesellschaft m.b.H. never slows down and thus stands for continuous innovation with tradition being key. From the beginnings to the latest product: achievements and highlights of KSB Österreich Gesellschaft m.b.H. at a glance.


Since April 2022, new location in the industrial centre of Wiener Neudorf, where the course was set for the future of the company for the next 5 years.


Opening of the new Automation Training Center for service partner training.


Launch of the new KSB SupremeServ brand.


Presentation of an award from the Vienna Mechatronic Engineers’ Guild (Landesinnung Wien der Mechatroniker) for 30 years of membership.


The new office and workshop in Golling near Salzburg opened on 1 December 2014.


With effect from 26 August 2013, the head office in Vienna was located at a new address. Still in the 14th district, the staff found a new home at Goldschlagstrasse 172 in the Breitensee Business Park. On approx. 1000 m2 of ultra-modern space, the service area and workshops as well as the technical experts for building services, water / waste water, system and process engineering and the service team started into the 2nd half of the year, and thus into a busy autumn.


In 2011, KSB Österreich Gesellschaft m.b.H. celebrated its 50th anniversary. With extensive experience in complex projects, KSB launched a cooperation for standard products with wholesalers.


In 1969, the head office was relocated to Vienna. KSB Austria tapped into the eastern regions from there and played a leading role in the development work in Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia.


With the newly founded subsidiary KSB Österreich GmbH in Austria, KSB was represented on the domestic market for the first time. On 26 June 1961, an independent company “KSB Technisches Büro für Österreich Gesellschaft mbH” was founded in Austria with a starting capital of ATS 500,000.

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KSB Group

The KSB Group is one of the leading suppliers of quality pumps and valves and related services with an annual sales revenue of almost 2200 million euros, the company has a presence on all continents with its own sales and marketing organisations, manufacturing facilities and service operations. KSB employs more than 15,000 people. The success of the company is founded on innovative technology that is the fruit of its own global research and development activities. As well as customers and employees, KSB also serves society at large. Examples of our CSR activities include environmental and educational projects. We are committed to the United Nations’ Global Compact. Its principles reinforce social, environmental and economic fairness worldwide.