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At the perfect temperature: KSB pumps and valves for heating and cooling supply

Whether a family house, office complex or data centre: Every building is different and requires the right components matched to each other to supply an optimum temperature. As the only supplier on the market, KSB offers you the complete range of pumps, valves, automation, drive and actuator solutions for efficient cooling and heating.

Our team of experts will be pleased to help you provide the right temperature at all times.

Our pumps for heating systems and air-conditioning

Calio glandless heating circulators with thermal insulation shell

Glandless pumps

The modern circulators cover a large application range; they are also maintenance-free and highly efficient. Find out more about the pumps of the Calio family and their specific applications, including helpful tips and tricks on video.

Highest quality and excellent efficiencies: The KSB Eta family

Glanded pumps

Eta is a glanded pump family, known for excellent efficiencies. It also stands for high quality, enormous versatility and reliability. Find out more about the Eta family, its many applications and benefits.

Our valves for heating systems and air-conditioning

KSB at your side: What can we do for you?

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