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KSBase Consult Building

Selection software for building services consultants

KSBase Consult Building was developed with building services consultants in mind. The selection program allows you to quickly and easily find the right pump and valve for your system.

KSBase Consult Building supports the entire system planning process, with all relevant data, graphs, calculations and typical tenders. The selection tool can be used online or downloaded and run offline. Registered users also have access to additional functions, such as one that allows them to save projects.


  • Hydraulic configuration and selection of optimal pumps for heating and air-conditioning systems, water supply systems, fire-fighting and drainage systems
  • All relevant information about the pump such as type series booklets, operating manuals and typical tenders
  • Fast and easy selection of valves
  • Energy cost calculation
  • Piping calculator
  • Project management with Save function for PDF and RTF export formats
  • Data can be exported in all common formats such as GAEB and Datanorm
  • Filter and Sort function


Analysis Tools

KSB’s analysis tools such as the KSB Sonolyzer® app support you in creating full transparency within your system and identifying potential savings in seconds.


Operation Tools

The latest software for your pumps and automation solutions alongside apps for optimising your system: KSB’s operation tools provide support in your day-to-day work.


As a leading supplier of pumps, valves and services, KSB boasts comprehensive expertise. This generates valuable know-how that KSB is happy to share with you.