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Pump repair

Pump Repair

Service for pumps: repair and more

KSB offers professional and fast service for pumps of any make and, if required, can modernise them to the latest technological standards. KSB also provides this service for explosion-proof pump sets.

Setting standards with service for pump sets

Are you looking for a partner who maintains and repairs your pumps with the utmost professionalism? A partner who keeps a close eye on your pumps, identifies causes of damage, makes suggestions for optimisation and more? Then choose KSB’s pump service.

KSB’s pump service offers you complete service for your pump from a single source. From removal to pump repair and safe return of your equipment to operation. This applies to all pump types including chemical pumps, submersible borehole pumps, submersible motor pumps, waste water pumps, energy pumps and hygienic pumps. In addition, KSB also provides service for non-KSB products such as vacuum pumps.

On request, KSB specialists can offer a complete pump set service. This means KSB also performs any motor maintenance required. Only one-off shutdown for your pump set required.

KSB service staff documenting the steps of repairing a pump

Documentation of a pump repair procedure

Our portfolio

  • Pump repair / retrofits / modifications – for example coatings
  • Diagnostic reports including suggestions for repair and optimisation
  • Rapid production of spare parts via reverse engineering
  • Installation, commissioning and test run
  • Collect and return service
  • Specialised hygiene and chemical workstations for maximum hygiene and safety requirements

Pump set service

  • Also available on request: pump drive repair
  • Thorough inspection of all electrical components
  • Cleaning and re-impregnation of windings
  • Test runs and final electrical checks to VDE (German Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies)
  • Diagnostic reports after dismantling – for example, damage analyses including suggestions for repair and optimisation

Your benefits

  • One point of contact for your pump, regardless of manufacturer
  • Specialists with many years of experience and manufacturer know-how ensure safety and reliability
  • As-new warranty for all repaired items
  • Transparency ensured via a history file which lists all repair and modification work
  • Pump and motor service from a single source, saving time and money

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Motor repair

Motor Repair

KSB offers comprehensive service solutions – not only for your pump but also for your motor. This helps you save time and money.

  • Pump set service from a single source
  • Less time and lower costs
Reverse Engineering for pumps and valves

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering makes it possible to quickly reproduce pump spare parts that are hard to find or no longer available.

  • Straightforward reproduction of spare parts
  • The quality matches that of the original
Spare parts kits for pumps and valves

Spare Parts Kits

KSB offers complete spare parts kits for many pump ranges. The kits contain sealing elements, bearings and impellers, for example, and are considerably less expensive than purchasing each part separately.

  • All main wear parts in one set
  • Easy to order and available at short notice