BOA-RVK Lift check valve

Lift check valve BOA-RVK

Lift check valve to DIN/EN with wafer-type body, centring aided by the body shape, shut-off by spring-loaded plate or valve disc guided by three stainless steel guiding pins. Low-noise designs with plastic plate (DN 15 - 100) or valve disc with O-ring (DN 125 - 200), maintenance-free.
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Main Applications

  • Hot-water heating systems
  • Air-conditioning systems
  • Chemical industry
  • Process engineering

Technical Data

Nominal pressure
PN 6, PN 10, PN 16
Max. nominal size
DN 200
Maximum allowable fluid temperature
250 °C

Material number list – BOA-RVK

2 products
Material number
BOA-RVK PN 6/10/16 DN 100DN 100X5CRNI18-102.8 kg48860620
BOA-RVK PN 6/10/16 DN 150DN 150EN-GJL-25013 kg48860622


  • Highly reliable function as plate is accurately guided by three guide pins (up to DN 100).
  • Integrally cast centring aid for easy installation.
  • Low maintenance requirements due to corrosion-proof body made of brass (DN 15-100) and spring made of stainless steel (all nominal sizes).

Technical Data

Prevent backflow
Connection type
Installation between flanges
Casing material
Nominal pressure
PN 6,
PN 10,
PN 16
Max. nominal size
DN 200
Min. nominal size
DN 15
Maximum allowable fluid temperature
250 °C
Minimum allowable fluid temperature
-20 °C

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