DANAÏS MT II Butterfly valve

Butterfly valve DANAÏS MT II

Double-offset butterfly valve with ISO 5211 compliant square shaft end, with plastomer seat or metal seat (fire-safe), without gland packing, maintenance-free, with lever or manual gearbox, pneumatic, electric or hydraulic actuator, body made of steel or stainless steel. Wafer-type body (T1), full-lug body (T4) or flanged body (T7) with flat or raised faces. Body types T4 and T7 are suitable for dead-end service. Connections to EN, ASME or JIS. Certified to German TA Luft Technical Guidelines on Air Quality Control.
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Main Applications

  • Nuclear power stations
  • Hot-water heating systems
  • Chemical industry
  • Air-conditioning

Technical Data

Nominal pressure
CL 150, CL 300, PN 25
Max. nominal size
DN 600
Maximum allowable fluid temperature
260 °C

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  • Extra long neck
    • Continuous heat insulation between pipe and valve
  • Flange faces with large sealing surfaces

    Technical Data

    Shut off/control flow
    Connection type
    Installation between flanges,
    External-thread connection,
    Design concept Drive
    With electric actuator,
    With handwheel,
    With pneumatic actuator,
    Casing material
    A351 GRADE CF8M,
    GX2CRNIMO19-11-2/A351 GR CF3M
    Nominal pressure
    CL 150,
    CL 300,
    PN 25
    Max. nominal size
    DN 600
    Min. nominal size
    DN 50
    Maximum allowable fluid temperature
    260 °C
    Minimum allowable fluid temperature
    -50 °C
    Valve body type
    Wafer-type body,
    Full-lug type, raised faces,
    Flanged body, raised faces

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