Amacan P Submersible pump in discharge tube

Submersible pump in discharge tube Amacan P

Wet-installed submersible motor pump for installation in discharge tubes, with axial propeller in ECB design, single-stage, single-entry. ATEX-compliant version available.
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Main Applications

  • Irrigation pumping stations
  • Drainage pumping stations
  • Stormwater pumping stations
  • Raw water pumps and clean water pumps in waterworks and waste water treatment plants

Technical Data

Max. flow rate
25200 m3/h
Max. head
12 m
Maximum allowable fluid temperature
40 °C

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  • The pump’s own weight ensures self-centring seating in the discharge tube, and an O-ring seals it; quick to install or remove.
  • The slim motor keeps discharge tube flow losses down.
  • High reliability thanks to bearing temperature monitoring, vibration sensor, thermal motor protection, leakage sensors in the motor space and connection space as well as leakage monitoring of the mechanical seal system.

Technical Data

Drive concept
With electric actuator
Max. flow rate
25200 m3/h
Min. flow rate
0.1 m3/h
Max. head
12 m
Min. head
0.1 m
Mains frequency
50 Hz,
60 Hz
Mains voltage
380 V,
400 V,
460 V
Nominal pressure
PN 16
Suction behaviour
Maximum allowable fluid temperature
40 °C
Minimum allowable fluid temperature
2 °C