NORI 320 ZXSV Globe valve
Globe valve


Globe valve to DIN/EN with flanged, butt weld or socket weld ends, gland packing, throttling plug, non-rotating stem, bayonet-type body/yoke connection, integrated position indicator, seat/disc interface made of Stellite.
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Technical Data

  • Nominal pressurePN 250, PN 320
  • Max. nominal sizeDN 50
  • Max. allowed fluid temperature580 °C


  • Service-friendly design
  • Bayonet-type body/yoke joint allows simple and fast assembly and disassembly of the valve.
  • No bonnet bolting that needs to be retightened thanks to single-piece body.

Material number list – NORI 320 ZXSV

14 products
NameNominal pressureNominal size InletDrive conceptWeightMaterial numberPrice
NORI320 ZXSV PN320 DN10 1.5415PN 320DN 10With handwheel5.5 Kilogram29522564
NORI320 ZXSV PN320 DN10 1.7335PN 320DN 10With handwheel5.5 Kilogram29522571
NORI320 ZXSV PN320 DN15 1.5415PN 320DN 15With handwheel5.5 Kilogram29522565
NORI320 ZXSV PN320 DN15 1.7335PN 320DN 15With handwheel5.5 Kilogram29522572
NORI320 ZXSV PN320 DN20 1.5415PN 320DN 20With handwheel8 Kilogram29522566


TitleFormatSizeLast change
icon download-pdfProduct brochure NORI 160/320/500pdf0.845/24/2019
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icon download-pdfDeclaration of Conformitypdf0.185/24/2019
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icon download-pdfBetriebsanleitungpdf15.365/24/2019
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icon download-pdfType series booklet NORI 320 ZXSVpdf1.215/24/2019

Technical Data

  • FunctionShut off/control flow
  • Connection typeFlange, Butt weld ends, Socket weld ends
  • Design concept DriveWith electric actuator, With handwheel, With pneumatic actuator
  • Casing material1085, 1108, 2360
  • Nominal pressurePN 250, PN 320
  • Max. nominal sizeDN 50
  • Min. nominal sizeDN 10
  • Max. allowed fluid temperature580 °C
  • Min. allowed fluid temperature-10 °C

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