BOA-H/HE/HV/HEV Globe valve

Globe valve BOA-H/HE/HV/HEV

Bellows-type globe valve to DIN/EN with flanged ends (BOA-H and BOA-HV), butt weld ends or socket weld ends (BOA-HE and BOA-HEV), with on/off disc or throttling plug, seat/disc interface made of wear and corrosion resistant chrome steel or chrome nickel steel.
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Main Applications

  • Process engineering
  • Chemical industry
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Sugar industry

Technical Data

Nominal pressure
PN 25, PN 40
Max. nominal size
DN 350
Max. allowed fluid temperature
450 °C

Material number list – BOA-H/HE/HV/HEV

18 products
Material number
BOA-H PN25 DN200 1.0619DN 200With handwheelFlange DIN/EN144.6 kg29522371
BOA-H PN25/40 DN100 1.0619DN 100With handwheelFlange DIN/EN41.7 kg29522367
BOA-H PN25/40 DN125 1.0619DN 125With handwheelFlange DIN/EN66 kg29522368
BOA-H PN25/40 DN15 1.0460DN 15With handwheelFlange DIN/EN3.3 kg29522076
BOA-H PN25/40 DN150 1.0619DN 150With handwheelFlange DIN/EN88 kg29522369


  • Reliable sealing. Bonnet gasket fully confined to prevent creep.
  • Improved energy efficiency of the system. Short, easy-to-insulate bonnet minimises heat losses.
  • Additional stem seal for emergency operation and blow-out protection by standard back seat as well as back-up gland packing made of pure graphite.

Technical Data

Shut off/control flow
Connection type
Butt weld ends,
Socket weld ends
Design concept Drive
With electric actuator,
With handwheel,
With pneumatic actuator
Casing material
Nominal pressure
PN 25,
PN 40
Max. nominal size
DN 350
Min. nominal size
DN 10
Max. allowed fluid temperature
450 °C
Min. allowed fluid temperature
-10 °C

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