Amaclean Waste water pumping station

Waste water pumping station Amaclean

Self-cleaning tank insert for grouted installation in new concrete structures or in concrete structures in need of refurbishment. Designed to prevent soiling of the structure and clogging of the pumps by heavily waste or fibre loaded waste water. Suitable for pump stations emitting unpleasant odours and/or gases.
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Main Applications

  • Waste water disposal
  • Stormwater disposal

Material number list – Amaclean

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Material number
AMACLEAN 1000NDN050CGR60100 kg49711927
AMACLEAN 1000NDN050CGW45101 kg49711969
AMACLEAN 1000NDN050CGW90101 kg49712011
AMACLEAN 1000NDN050GGR60102.5 kg49711911
AMACLEAN 1000NDN050GGW45103 kg49711953


  • Deposits are prevented by the self-cleaning design of the tank insert and the gel-coated inner surface.
  • Steel-reinforced base provides enhanced anchoring in the concrete and excellent durability of duckfoot bend fastening.
  • The patented design of the tank insert prevents deposits of floating solids, reduces odour nuisance and the formation of gas, and makes sure waste and fibres contained in the waste water are pumped off more easily.