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HERA-BD Gate valve
Gate valve


Knife gate valve to DIN/EN with wafer-type single-piece or two-piece body made of nodular cast iron, bi-directional, with gland packing, non-rising stem, corrosion-protected by epoxy coating.
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Technical Data

  • Nominal pressurePN 10
  • Max. nominal sizeDN 1200
  • Max. allowed fluid temperature120 °C

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  • All cast iron and steel components are protected against corrosion by high-quality epoxy coating.
  • Robust and compact steel yoke for straightforward mounting of pneumatic and electric actuators and position switches. A hard anodised aluminium NAMUR adapter plate attached to the actuator allows sensors or solenoid valves to be quickly installed (plug & run).
  • Reliable and service-friendly stem seal: The gland packing is made of PTFE impregnated fibre and can be re-adjusted during operation. There is no need to remove the valve from the piping to replace the packing.

Technical Data

  • FunctionShut off/control flow
  • Connection typeFlange
  • Design concept DriveWith electric actuator, With handwheel, Lever, With pneumatic actuator
  • Casing materialEN-GJS-400-15
  • Nominal pressurePN 10
  • Max. nominal sizeDN 1200
  • Min. nominal sizeDN 50
  • Max. allowed fluid temperature120 °C
  • Min. allowed fluid temperature-10 °C


TitleFormatSizeLast change
2-page product description HERA BD (7338.021_EN)PDF0.784/19/2021
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Declaration of Conformity (0570.8529_EN)PDF0.194/19/2021
HERA-BD ATEX (0570.8546_EN)PDF0.114/19/2021
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HERA-BD (7328.8_EN)PDF5.024/19/2021
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HERA-BD (7328.22_EN)PDF2.034/19/2021
HERA-BD (7328.1_EN)PDF1.544/19/2021
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HERA-BD (7328.541_EN)ZIP0.274/19/2021
HERA-BD (7328.521_EN)PDF0.014/19/2021