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KSB Amarex

Now in stock and ready to ship from Canada

Now in stock and ready to ship from Canada

Partner with the pump experts

Now stocked locally here in Canada, the KSB Amarex is available in a fraction of typical lead-times and can be easily dropped-in to your existing infrastructure. It has never been easier or faster to make the switch to excellent customer support with KSB. Our innovative technology, sustainable solutions, and more than 150 years of expertise makes KSB the first choice for our customers.

KSB Amarex: Built for efficiency and reliability

Designed with the end-user in mind, this work horse pump brings an increased focus on best-in-class hydraulic efficiency, clog-free operation, increased durability and a flexible and modular design. Adapter kits work with your existing infrastructure so we can match your current hydraulics and horsepower and avoid complicated and expensive adjustments to your current system.

Hydraulics for modern wastewater

D-max is an innovative open two-vane impeller newly developed by KSB hydraulics experts. With hydraulic efficiencies of up to 76% and motors comparable to IE3 standard, this pump boasts industry leading "wire-to-water" efficiencies. The D-flector suction cover is specially designed to reduce the risk of clogging due to fibres often contained in our modern wastewater.

KSB's D-max open two-vane impeller

The F-max impeller offers steeper characteristic curves, large free passages and excellent efficiencies for operations with lower flow rates. This free-flow impeller has maximum available free passage of up to 100 mm. As solids will not come into contact with the impeller, it is suitable for wastewater containing all kinds of solids and fibres.

KSB's F-max free-flow impeller

Learn more about the technical details and benefits of the KSB Amarex submersible motor pump in this brochure.

Our portfolio

Applications include

  • Wastewater transport
  • Wastewater management
  • Drainage systems
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Stormwater transport
  • Recirculation
  • Sludge treatment

Your benefits

  • Non-clogging (no clogging by wet wipes) with patented deflection technology and D-max impeller
  • Flexible thanks to easy substitutions of competitor pumps with a large range of adapter claws
  • Environmentally friendly with non-toxic, food approved oil fill for lubricating the mechanical seal (liquid reservoir)
  • Long service life with high operating reliability and durable bearings (100,000 operating hours)
  • High efficiency thanks to enhanced power density (Wh/m3). overall efficiency of up to 69%, lower total cost of ownership