Movitec VCI Vertical shaft submersible pump
Vertical shaft submersible pump

Movitec VCI

Multistage vertical high-pressure immersion pump for installation on tanks or platforms.
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  • Machine tools
  • Industrial washing machines
  • Condensate transport

Technische Daten

  • Max. flow rate26.3 m³/h
  • Max. head249 m
  • Max. allowed working pressure25 bar
  • Max. allowed fluid temperature120 °C


  • Top quality pump thanks to advanced high-precision production technology and durable high-grade materials
  • Excellent reliability, enabled by compact, easy-to-replace cartridge seal and automatic return of small amounts of leakage into the tank
  • An energy-saving, state-of-the-art pump solution characterised by high efficiency levels, optimum flow passage, the use of high-efficiency motors, and precision engineering of all hydraulic components


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MOVITECVCI02/02-02AA14CS071A5OW15,6 Kilogram48239986
MOVITECVCI02/02-02AA14CS071A6OW15,6 Kilogram48240046
MOVITECVCI02/03-03AA14CS071A5OW15,9 Kilogram48239987
MOVITECVCI02/03-03AA14CS071A6OW15,9 Kilogram48240047
MOVITECVCI02/04-04AA14CS071A5OW16,2 Kilogram48239988


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Technische Daten

  • FunctionPump
  • Connection typeInternal-thread connection
  • Drive conceptWith electric actuator
  • Max. flow rate26.3 m³/h
  • Min. flow rate0.2 m³/h
  • Max. head249 m
  • Min. head0.1 m
  • Mains frequency50 Hz, 60 Hz
  • Mains voltage230 V, 400 V, 460 V
  • Casing material1330
  • Nominal pressurePN 25
  • Max. allowed working pressure25 bar
  • Suction behaviourNon-self-priming
  • Max. allowed fluid temperature120 °C
  • Min. allowed fluid temperature-10 °C