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The Kalle-Albert Industrial Park premises at night

Predictive maintenance at the Kalle-Albert Industrial Park

75 different companies are located at the Kalle-Albert Industrial Park employing a total of around 6000 staff. A reliable supply of compressed air used for the mechanical control of large production systems is a technical requirement for numerous production plants. Failure of the compressed air supply would have serious consequences – and this is a good reason to ensure that impending changes in status data and potential faults are detected before they actually occur.

The project: Reliable monitoring of the cooling system

In the scope of the Industry 4.0 concept, ISW-Technik, a subsidiary of industrial park operator InfraServ Wiesbaden (ISW), uses innovative technologies to implement smart servicing and maintenance processes based on digital condition monitoring of machines and systems for small and medium-sized companies. Predictive maintenance has also achieved positive results indicative of future success. Late 2019 saw digital technology secure the production of compressed air essential for the industrial park and prevent the failure of an important pump used in this process.

The customer: InfraServ Wiesbaden

InfraServ Wiesbaden (ISW) has been operating the 96-hectare Kalle-Albert industrial park since 1997 and provides various utilities including power. The company employs about 900 people. Its subsidiary ISW-Technik has established itself among small and medium-sized companies based in the Rhine-Main region as an innovative service provider for applications including servicing and maintenance of machines and systems.

Logo of InfraServ, Wiesbaden

The challenge: Ensuring round-the-clock system availability

InfraServ Wiesbaden ensures that the industrial park is supplied with compressed air around the clock, providing about 22 thousand cubic metres of compressed air per hour at a gauge pressure of 5 bar which adds up to about 200 million cubic metres per year. ISW relies on two KSB components to keep the vital compressed air system running reliably and to cool the operating temperature continuously: Etanorm pumps and the reliable KSB Guard monitoring unit.

Having already had positive experience with KSB during previous projects, ISW was curious to see how the newly established system would prove its worth in this case. KSB Guard offers ISW production management and KSB technicians round-the-clock access to all pump status data (e.g. temperature, vibrations and load condition) via a web portal.

KSB Guard sensor unit installed on a pump

KSB Guard installed on a KSB pump

The solution: KSB Guard detects bearing damage at an early stage

A deviation from normal operation was reported on one of the pumps in October 2019. After KSB Guard had detected excessive vibrations and output a relevant warning, InfraServ Wiesbaden was informed automatically. Thanks to KSB Guard, ISW-Technik was able to detect impending bearing damage at an early stage – a normal sign of wear that makes bearing replacement necessary at varying intervals depending on the pump’s load.

ISW-Technik initiated a repair in its own workshop during periods when pump operation is not essential. This helped prevent in time a sudden system failure with unplanned downtimes and far-reaching resultant losses. If one pump had suddenly failed, a second pump would have cut in to maintain the production of compressed air. Nevertheless, the advantages of targeted and predictive maintenance measures are tremendous. 

KSB technology has not only helped to increase the safe and reliable supply of energy at the industrial park, this positive experience has also prompted ISW-Technik to install KSB Guard on other customers’ systems located in the industrial park.

Diagram showing the vibration curve of a KSB pump

Vibration profile recorded by KSB Guard indicating a deviation from normal operation

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System: Cooling system for compressed air supply in the Kalle-Albert Industrial Park
End user: InfraServ Wiesbaden


  • 2x Etanorm 200-150-400
  • 2x KSB Guard
  • 1x KSB Guard Gateway


KSB - een van 's werelds toonaangevende fabrikanten van industriële afsluiters en pompen

KSB werd in 1871 in Frankenthal (Duitsland) opgericht en is al meer dan 100 jaar een van de toonaangevende fabrikanten van pompen en industriële afsluiters. Met meer dan 15.500 medewerkers wereldwijd en eigen verkoop- en servicevestigingen en productielocaties ontwikkelt en produceert KSB maatwerk-pompen voor de meest uiteenlopende toepassingen.

Het productaanbod van de ervaren pompenfabrikant wordt toegepast in de gebouwentechniek, industrie, watertransport en afvalwaterzuivering, alsmede bij technische processen in energiecentrales. Dankzij innovatief onderzoek en ontwikkeling is KSB in staat om aan de meest uiteenlopende eisen van klanten te voldoen. Als gerenommeerde pompenfabrikant beschikt KSB over jarenlange ervaring en technische knowhow.

Pompenfabrikant KSB: de beste oplossing voor uw systeem
De industriële pompen en industriële afsluiters van KSB zijn geschikt voor de meest uiteenlopende toepassingen en zijn uiterst energie-efficiënt. De producten zijn voorzien van innovatieve technologie en worden al jaren met succes toegepast in installaties - waaronder de waternormpomp Etanorm. Met meer dan 1,5 miljoen verkochte aggregaten is Etanorm een van de meest succesvolle waternormpompen ter wereld. Onderdelen en service van KSB zorgen voor de bedrijfszekerheid van industriële pompen en industriële afsluiters van KSB. Hydrauliek, materiaaltechniek en automatisering zijn de technologische sterke punten van pompenfabrikant KSB en dat is precies het recept voor het succes van zijn hoogrendementspompen.

Vakkundige service vanaf het eerste moment
Dankzij de talrijke productielocaties kan pompenproducent KSB eersteklas service garanderen, altijd in de buurt van de klant. Gecertificeerde specialisten met een schat aan ervaring zorgen voor een uitstekende kwaliteit. KSB Service zorgt voor de inbedrijfname, de inspectie, de service en het onderhoud van uw pompen, afsluiters en complete installaties direct ter plaatse. KSB staat ook garant voor een snelle levering van reserveonderdelen. U krijgt dus de beste service rechtstreeks van uw pompenfabrikant.