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 Pumpe mit montiertem KSB Guard

Customers who are already successfully using KSB Guard today

KSB Guard, the innovative system for digital pump monitoring, is already in daily use at many companies and institutions. Discover how some of our customers benefit from KSB Guard in very different ways.

KSB Guard prevents critical standstill caused by imminent bearing damage.

Reliable supply of compressed air is crucial for the Kalle-Albert Industrial Park. For the operator InfraServ Wiesbaden, this makes it all the more important to reliably monitor the pumps that operate the cooling circuit for the compressed air system.

The decision to install KSB Guard is already paying off: In October, the monitoring system detected increased vibrations. The looming threat of bearing damage was the cause. The customer immediately instigated repairs – of course during periods when pump operation was not essential for the entire industrial park.

Summary: KSB Guard prevented a sudden system failure with unplanned downtimes and far-reaching resultant losses.

The Kalle-Albert Industrial Park premises at night

Digital tool KSB Guard continuously monitors pumps

KSB Guard performs a crucial task at the world’s largest development and test centre for valve technology, the ROLF SANDVOSS INNOVATION CENTER (RSIC) operated by SAMSON: It continuously monitors the pumps, which were also supplied by KSB. The pumps need to operate smoothly under extreme loads and with irregular operating hours. KSB Guard provides important data and operating information, ensuring that unscheduled downtimes are avoided and pump maintenance can be planned efficiently.

Hand holding a mobile phone with a graph displayed on the screen. In the background is a KSB pump with installed KSB Guard.

Smart monitoring tool secures drinking water supply

Most of us in Germany rarely worry about access to a constant supply of food-grade drinking water. However, in the background water supply utilities are making enormous efforts to ensure that this everyday resource is always reliably on tap. This can involve planning redundancies into otherwise smoothly running systems.

Filter vessels, pipes and valves in the technical installation building of the central “Krug von Nidda” waterworks

KSB Guard for the cooling water system of ContiTech AG

In times of increasingly professionalised cyber attacks, the importance of secure network components is growing exponentially. This is one reason why internet-enabled products are thoroughly scrutinised by customers before they are used. KSB’s cloud-based KSB Guard was examined by the rubber and plastics specialist ContiTech, and passed the validation with flying colours. This achievement almost overshadowed the fact that the main contract involved the refurbishment and modernisation of an entire cooling water system.

The company premises of Continental AG in Hanover from the outside

Smart sensors enhance operating reliability

In one of Europe’s largest conurbations, the Ruhr Region, the Ruhrverband makes sure that enormous quantities of waste water are transferred and treated reliably. As part of this process, 125 pumping stations pump the waste water to a total of 63 waste water treatment plants. For a long time, the pumps used to be functionally tested by hand, with service personnel having to travel long distances to do so. For that reason, the Ruhrverband looked for an automated solution together with KSB.

Building containing the Ruhrverband’s headquarters in Essen from the outside

More transparency – with KSB Guard

Even high-quality pumps can sometimes experience malfunctions whose exact cause can only be determined by a long-term diagnosis. External factors are often to blame, and these can only be identified if the affected pump is monitored over a longer period of time using suitable sensor technology. KSB Guard has been developed to determine a problem’s cause so that remedial action can be taken.

System incorporating piping, pumps and valves