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KSB in Chile

KSB Chile, a leading company in the manufacture of Pumps, Valves and Service, has been present in the country since the 1960s. It currently has 7 branches in the country, more than 300 highly qualified professionals, technicians and administrative staff provide the best service.
Thanks to a complete production line for all types of equipment, which, together with its stock, allows it to respond efficiently and effectively to the delivery requirements of its products.

About Us

Excellent service and first-class consulting - this is KSB Chile S.A. We specialize in pumps, valves and services for all applications.
KSB Chile S.A. offers a wide range of services and activities, from project design, through adaptation for special pumps, design and production of custom systems, to after-sales services. More than 300 people are committed to delivering top-notch customer service, extensive support, and consulting. In addition, our engineers and technicians can not only draw on many years of experience with all KSB products, but also with products from other manufacturers. In order to further improve our services offered to clients at a regional level, KSB Chile S.A. maintains business relationships with selected trusted distributors.

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Locations in Chile

KSB develops and manufactures customized solutions and provides quality service worldwide. In Chile, KSB Chile S.A. supports its customers as a competent regional partner.

Sales and service offices
In Chile, KSB has 7 branches throughout the country. More than 300 employees guarantee excellent service and offer the best advice to customers when it comes to finding the most suitable products for their needs.

At our head office located in the city of Santiago, we have the necessary facilities to provide the support you expect. We have a 6,400 m² plant of which 3,600 m² are built.

We have a complete production line for all types of equipment, which together with our stock, allows us to respond efficiently and effectively to the delivery requirements of our products. In our test bench we can certify the operation of the equipment.

KSB Chile Management

Hans Baumann (Managing Director), Pablo Cordero (Financial Director), Sonia López (Manager of Administration and Finance), Mauricio Díaz (Manager of Operations), Patricio Araya (Manager of Mining) ), Elizabeth Villar (Manager of Valves), Rodolfo Maturana (Manager of Operational Excellence), Jorge Lufin (Manager of Service), César Carvajal (Manager of Agriculture, Construction and Development), Karel Aguila (Manager of Industry, Energy and Water), Verónica Millas (Human Resources Manager)

KSB Chile Management


KSB Chile is a dynamic company, synonymous with innovation and tradition. This brief overview will inform you about some of the milestones in the history of KSB Chile, from its establishment to its latest product innovations.


At its Head office, in the city of Santiago, it has more than 190 professionals between the sales force, administrative, operations and service; and they have the necessary facilities to provide the support that the client expects.

The complete production line: pump and equipment assembly (base, pump, motor, coupling) painting, pre-alignment, for all types of equipment such as pumps, valves and panels. To give you even more confidence, KSB has a test bench on which equipment can be tested at a maximum working pressure of 40 (bar) and a maximum test flow rate of 1200 (m3 / h).

2011 Temuco and Copiapó

This year, KSB Chile S.A. had a further expansion. 2 branches and a Service workshop were opened.

2008 Puerto Montt

New branch as a result of the intense increase in the acquisition of KSB pumps and valves in the southernmost regions of the country.

1999 Concepción

In order to be closer to its clients, in 1998 it was the turn of the south of Chile with the opening of the Concepción branch.

1998 Antofagasta

The first expansion outside the Metropolitan Region took place towards the north due to the great growth of KSB - GIW teams in the region, and the great demand for specialized services.

1997 Quilicura

In February 1997 they moved to Quilicura and, as the years went by, more space and new implementations were necessary.

1994 Huechuraba

It all started in the Huechuraba commune, with 7 professionals, who made KSB grow little by little.

Premium quality standards at KSB

KSB always works to the latest quality standards, in all areas of the company - Worldwide.

At KSB in Argentina quality takes top priority too.

The entire Group works to uniform quality guidelines based on the Business Excellence Model of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM).

KSB Chile certificates

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KSB Group

The KSB Group is one of the leading suppliers of quality pumps and valves and related services with an annual sales revenue of almost 2400 million euros, the company has a presence on all continents with its own sales and marketing organisations, manufacturing facilities and service operations. KSB employs more than 15,000 people.

The success of the company is founded on innovative technology that is the fruit of its own global research and development activities. As well as customers and employees, KSB also serves society at large. Examples of our CSR activities include environmental and educational projects. We are committed to the United Nations’ Global Compact. Its principles reinforce social, environmental and economic fairness worldwide.