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Comprehensive pump monitoring with KSB Guard

KSB Guard

Comprehensive monitoring of your pumps

Maximise your system availability and maintenance efficiency: KSB Guard offers you pump monitoring in real time – enabling you to effectively optimise your maintenance strategy and increase system availability and efficiency

What are the advantages of KSB Guard?

KSB Guard offers you the benefit of continuous digital data recording, giving you a perfect status overview of your pump population. This enables you to optimise maintenance, reduce downtimes and significantly increase your system’s efficiency.

The smart pump monitoring system KSB Guard

The system consists of hardware components that are linked to a KSB Cloud app, enabling you to remotely monitor the status and operating data of your pumps. The digital pump solution simultaneously monitors all connected pumps and immediately notifies you if any irregularities are detected.

The KSB Guard app

Via the KSB Guard app or web portal, you can keep an eye on the operating status of each individual pump ─ anytime, anywhere. What’s more, KSB Guard helps you to plan, document and track maintenance work with just a few clicks.

From purchase to commissioning – you can easily take care of everything yourself.

Easy commissioning of KSB Guard

KSB Guard is easy to start up in just four steps:

  1. Order KSB Guard from the online shop and attach the sensor unit to the pump using magnets and industrial adhesive.
  2. Mount the transmission and battery unit near the sensor wherever is most convenient.
  3. Suspend the gateway near the pump, connect the plug to the mains and check mobile reception.
  4. Make a few basic data entries for each pump on the computer or using your smartphone ─ done.

Customers who are already benefiting from KSB Guard

Data protection at the highest level

By working together with the largest certified cloud provider, KSB ensures data protection at the highest level.

The KSB server location meets the highest security requirements.

All data is encrypted and transferred via a secure 1:1 connection, ensuring complete protection for sensitive system data.

Schematic diagram of the KSB Guard data flow