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Great range of variants: service-friendly BOA-CVE/CVP H globe valves

KSB has extended its BOA-CVE/CVP H series of control valves by a cast steel variant. The new valve can be used anywhere liquid flows need to be regulated. It can generally be used for industrial, process engineering and plant engineering applications.

Dismantling without special tools

A particular benefit of these valves: They can be dismantled without any special tools, simply by undoing the bonnet bolting. With the stacked valve trim design, it is easy to replace the entire valve trim and match it to different control requirements. A great variety of different valve seat and plug diameters is available, covering the entire range of nominal diameters. At KSB, you can choose between valve plugs with equal-percentage or linear characteristic.

Service-friendly BOA-CVE/CVP H control valves for water and steam applications

Service-friendly BOA-CVE/CVP H control valves

Further benefits of the BOA-CVE H control valve

  • The seat is reversible. If the seat is damaged, you can simply turn it over rather than replace it.
  • The soft-seated plug design meets stringent requirements on tight shut-off.
  • Two-stage pressure reduction lowers noise emission by combining a parabolic plug and multi-hole cage, which is standard for the valve.
  • On the standard variant, the stem is sealed by a maintenance-free PTFE V-packing. Graphite packings are used for temperatures exceeding 250 °C.
  • A perforated valve plug is available to minimise the effects of cavitation.

Variants on offer:

  • Choice between electric and pneumatic actuation
  • Electric actuators offer input and output signals from 0/2 to 10 V or 4 to 20 mA.
  • Many control duties can be covered by electric actuators with continuous or 3-point (open-stop-closed) actuation.
  • The actuators can be ordered in 24 V, 230 V or 400 V versions.
  • Maximum actuating force of the electric actuators, available in five sizes: 25,000 Newton
  • Maximum actuating force of the pneumatic diaphragm actuators, available in three sizes: 55,000 Newton
  • The type series is available in cast steel (GP 240 GH) from DN 15 to DN 200 and Nodular cast iron (EN-GJS-400-18-LT) for nominal pressure class PN 16-40.
  • Maximum permissible temperature: 450 °C 



Service-friendly control valve to DIN/EN with flanged ends, either with linear or equal-percentage control characteristic at Kvs values of 0.1 to 630 m³/h and closing pressures of up to 40 bar; all internal parts are easy to replace without special tools, including the reversible seat; noise level reduced by standard two-stage pressure reduction combining a parabolic plug and multi-hole cage; with electric actuator.