BOA-SuperCompact Globe valve
Globe valve


Globe valve to DIN/EN with wafer-type body, super-compact DN face-to-face length to EN 558/94, slanted seat design with vertical bonnet, with flange alignment holes for centring, dead-end service and downstream dismantling; single-piece body, insulating cap with anti-condensation feature as standard, position indicator, locking device, travel stop, soft main and back seat; maintenance-free, full insulation possible.
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Technical Data

  • Nominal pressurePN 6, PN 10, PN 16
  • Max. nominal sizeDN 200
  • Max. allowed fluid temperature120 °C


  • Zero leakage and zero maintenance for life due to lubricated-for-life EPDM profile ring and single-piece body
  • Minimum pressure loss by hydraulically favourable flow passage
  • One model for shut-off and throttling due to EPDM-encapsulated throttling plug with linear characteristic

Material number list – BOA-SuperCompact

11 products
NameNominal pressureNominal size InletProduct packagingWeightMaterial numberPrice
BOA-CS PN 6 DN 200 5.1301PN 6DN 200Without68 Kilogram48874500
BOA-CS PN 16 DN 200 5.1301PN 16DN 200Without68 Kilogram48874501
BOA-CS PN 6/10/16 DN 20/25 5.1301PN 16DN 25Without0.8 Kilogram48868065
BOA-CS PN 6/10/16 DN 32 5.1301PN 16DN 32Without1.5 Kilogram48868066
BOA-CS PN 6/10/16 DN 40 5.1301PN 16DN 40Without2 Kilogram48868067


TitleFormatSizeLast change
icon download-pdfDeclaration of Conformity (0570.8525_EN)pdf0.25/24/2019
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icon download-pdfOperating instructions (0570.8_EN)pdf8.925/24/2019
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icon download-pdfBOA-SuperCompact (7113.1_EN)pdf1.467/10/2019
TitleFormatSizeLast change
BOA-SuperCompact (7113.521_EN)zip0.025/28/2020

Technical Data

  • FunctionShut off/control flow
  • Connection typeFlange
  • Design concept DriveWith electric actuator, With handwheel
  • Casing material1821
  • Nominal pressurePN 6, PN 10, PN 16
  • Max. nominal sizeDN 200
  • Min. nominal sizeDN 20
  • Max. allowed fluid temperature120 °C
  • Min. allowed fluid temperature-10 °C

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