KSB Guard

KSB Guard

System for monitoring the condition of pumps: Sensors on the pump record vibration and temperature data, which is processed in the KSB Cloud. Information on the pump's condition can then be accessed using the KSB Guard app or through the web portal. Easy to retrofit on pumps during operation.
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Main Applications

  • Monitoring of dry-installed pumps
  • Improved system availability
  • Enhanced transparency of the entire system
  • Optimised maintenance


  • Comprises only three components and a cloud application which allows to keep a mobile eye on the performance and status data of the pumps at all times
  • Can be quickly attached to the pumps and immediately helps make the system more reliable and reduce operating costs
  • Monitors all connected pumps in parallel and immediately transmits notifications if irregularities occur

Material number list – KSB Guard

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Technical Data

  • Automation principleMonitoring
  • Mains frequency50 Hz, 60 Hz
  • Mains voltage110 V, 115 V, 120 V, 220 V, 230 V, 240 V, 380 V, 400 V, 415 V, 500 V, 660 V, 690 V