Energy Technology

Generating energy economically and reliably – with cutting-edge technologies from KSB

In energy technology applications, smooth operation and absolute reliability are essential. This is exactly what KSB’s products deliver. And this has made KSB a leader on the global market.

What counts in energy technology applications: maximum efficiency and reliability

Today’s market demands power plant pumps offering energy-efficient operation and low life cycle costs. They also have to withstand very high temperatures and pressures, as smooth operation and absolute reliability are essential for cost-effective operation of power plants. Another major challenge for today is reconciling increasing demand for energy with the requirements of environmental protection.

KSB’s technically advanced and comprehensive pump programme represent a convincing proposition for power station operators and plant engineering contractors all over the world. Power plant pumps from KSB are ideally suited to supporting optimal energy generation and storage – whether in nuclear or fossil-fuelled power stations, in the production of renewable energies, or in the operation of district heating systems.

KSB power station pumps are used in a wide variety of processes, reliably pumping boiler feed water, condensate or cooling water.

KSB pumps are equipped with optimised hydraulic systems and highly efficient drives that deliver first-class performance at all times while guaranteeing the greatest possible efficiency for your system. Thanks to wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials developed in-house, KSB pumps ensure maximum operational reliability.

KSB optimises processes and tests products under real conditions using state-of-the-art simulation programmes and its own testing facilities.

As the world’s leading specialist for engineered business with decades of experience, KSB offers you a complete range of solutions and services from a single source. We are on hand to help throughout the entire life cycle of your system: from commissioning to daily operation and – if required – decommissioning.

Applications in the Energy Industry

Biomass power plant

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is part of the global fight against climate change. In Germany, its share of electricity generation is set to increase to 65 percent by 2030. KSB is one of the driving forces behind this development.

Fossil-fuelled power plant

Fossil-Fuelled Power Plants

More than 170,000 pumps from KSB ensure efficient power generation at low operating costs in over 1,000 fossil-fuelled power plants worldwide.

Nuclear power station

Nuclear Power Plants

Successful operation of a nuclear power station demands the highest standards of safety. For more than 40 years, KSB solutions have ensured safe and reliable processes in around 200 plants worldwide.