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Balancing valves of the BOA-Control family for hydraulic balancing

BOA-Control: Saving energy with the right adjustment.

Discover the unique full range for classic balancing.

With our BOA-Control family we offer you…

  • Static balancing and measurement valves
  • Differential pressure regulators
  • Pressure-independent control valves including actuators
  • Control valves

Just ask us! We will be pleased to help you.

Hydraulic balancing – for efficient operation

According to an exemplary study for Germany (see dena-Gebäudereport), buildings use up about 35 % of general energy consumption, and of that about 75 % are consumed by HVAC systems. Consequentially, hydraulic balancing is not only indispensable for reliable and especially for cost- and energy-efficient operation, it is actually a requirement stipulated in a number of standards and guidelines (DIN 18380 / VOB 3.1.1, GEG / DIN V 4701-10, DIN EN 14336). 

Why is hydraulic balancing so important?

The aim is to provide the right amount of water at the right place, at the right time. In other words, heating and cooling water is to be distributed to all consumer installations in line with the demand. To achieve this, all parts of the hydraulic system have to be matched and balanced.

Minor action, major effect: In accordance with the Optimus study conducted in Germany, hydraulic balancing can potentially save up to 21 %. Given its comparatively low investment costs, it has got an excellent cost/benefit ratio.

Heat distribution before and after hydraulic balancing

Hydraulic balancing achieves optimum heat distribution.

Win-win situation for all involved: consultants, engineering contractors, operators and consumers

Energy-efficient operation of an HVAC system

  • Less water required to circulate, enabling the use of a smaller heating pump
  • ­Lower energy input due to lower supply temperatures
  • ­Optimum use of renewable energies due to optimum return temperatures

Operating reliability

  • ­Hydraulically balanced systems reduce maintenance and technical complaints.

Maximum living comfort

  • ­Even heat distribution over the entire building (HVAC system)
  • ­Low noise emissions due to defined pressure conditions and low flow velocities

Balancing valves: The reliable caretakers.

As water always seeks the path of least resistance, resistance is created by additional system components to create an even, demand-driven distribution. This function of hydraulic balancing is taken care of by balancing valves.

Find the matching balancing valve for your application.


For technical details of our balancing valves see our product catalogue.


BOA-Control SBV

Shut-off, balancing and measurement function in a single valve

Classic static balancing, measurement and shut-off valve

  • Cost-efficient hydraulic balancing, especially for constant-flow systems
  • Straightforward, error-free flow measurement (no need to enter the valve position)
  • Pre-setting incl. adjustable travel stop (memory function)
  • Can be used as a partner valve for the BOA-Control DPR differential pressure regulator

BOA-Control / BOA-Control IMS

Shut-off, balancing and measurement function in a single valve

Universal use as a static balancing, measurement and shut-off valve with innovative ultrasound technology

  • Cost-efficient hydraulic balancing, especially for constant-flow systems
  • Straightforward, error-free flow measurement (no need to enter the valve position)
  • Innovative ultrasonic flow measurement (Q, T) prevents leakage as no sensors are in contact with the fluid handled.
  • Cost-efficient permanent measurement with BOATRONIC MS-420

BOA-Control DPR

Creating pressure-independent zones the easy way

Differential pressure regulator with continuous setpoint adjustment for maximum flexibility

  • Easy commissioning and initial balancing with system sections that are independent of each other in terms of pressure (zoning)
  • Optimised energy consumption by constant control quality of downstream thermostatic and/or partner valves (e.g. BOA-Control SBV)
  • Optimal supply of consumer installations in part and full load operation (dynamic balancing)
  • Defined pressure conditions prevent flow noise.

BOA-Control PIC

Dynamic balancing and control performed by the same valve

Pressure-independent control valve with continuous setpoint adjustment for maximum flexibility

  • Constant volume flow rate by mechanical control 
  • Comprehensive control function with optional actuators (on/off, 3-point, continuous-action, thermal)
  • Easy to select and commission (plug & play) using the volume flow rate, saving the expense of costly initial balancing 
  • Zoning into constant-flow system areas results in optimum behaviour in part and full load operatio
    - High energy efficiency
    - Improved living comfort
    - Higher operating reliability
  • Hydraulic balancing for refurbishing variable-flow systems


Control valve with up to three functions: control, shut-off and measurement

Soft-seated control valve as balancing and shut-off valve

  • Four different kvs values available per nominal size
  • Short face-to-face length (BOA-CVE CS; up to DN 150 face-to-face length = nominal size)
  • Low investment and operating costs by hydraulically optimised design with low pressure losses
  • Single-piece design for optimal sealing (only seal to atmosphere = maintenance-free EPDM profile ring) and standard throttling plug with linear characteristic curve for tight shut-off 
  • State-of-the-art electric actuators (3-point or continuous-action) with a large variety of accessories


Control valve for the highest of demands

Maintenance-friendly control valve

  • Internal parts easy to replace without any special tools
  • Double safety by reversible seat 
  • Reduced noise emission with two-stage pressure reduction 
  • Individual control requirements can be met with a great variety of valve seat and plug diameters. 
  • Optimal sealing at the bonnet by fully confined bonnet gasket and at the stem by either a maintenance-free PTFE V-packing or a high-temperature resistant graphite gland packing
  • State-of-the-art electric actuators with comprehensive range of accessories

Benefit from the complete range for classic hydraulic balancing.

Our portfolio:

Full product range for classic hydraulic balancing:

  • Static balancing and measurement valves
  • Differential pressure regulators
  • Pressure-independent control valves including actuators
  • Control valves

Your benefits:

A partner who can always offer you a matching solution for your building services project provides you with many benefits, such as

  • Having a single contact person from the classic shut-off valve through to hydraulic balancing and pumps, including comprehensive solutions for planning, operation and optimisation
  • Receiving substantial support for hydraulic balancing – from static to dynamic
  • Reducing your energy consumption at comparatively low investment costs
  • Being able to respond flexibly to changing system conditions
  • Saving time and costs for planning and tenders with high-quality digital product data for building services valves by KSB

Planning is simple with our selection tools and aids.

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