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RPHb/RPHd/RPHbd Dry-installed pump

Dry-installed pumpRPHb/RPHd/RPHbd

Heavy-duty horizontal radially split between-bearings volute casing pump to API 610, ISO 13709 (heavy duty), type BB2, with radial impellers, single- or double-entry, single- or two-stage design with centreline pump feet. ATEX-compliant version available.
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Main Applications

  • Pump for handling the large variety of petroleum products in refineries as well as in the chemical and petrochemical industry.
  • Refinery
  • Chemical industry
  • Petrochemical industry

Technical Data

  • maks. Nakil yük.yapı ser.nesli800 m
  • min.Nakil yük.Yapı ser.nes.0.1 m
  • maks.iz.bas.trf.iş bar
  •ıc.450 °C

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Technical Data

  • Bileşen işleviBesle
  • Bağlantı türü GirişFlanş
  • Tahrik konseptiE tahrikli,
  • maks. Nakil mikt.Yapı ser.nes.6000 m³/h
  • min. Nakil mikt.Yapı ser.nes.0.1 m³/h
  • maks. Nakil yük.yapı ser.nesli800 m
  • min.Nakil yük.Yapı ser.nes.0.1 m
  • Şebeke frekansı50 Hz,
    60 Hz
  • Şebeke gerilimi110 V,
    115 V,
    120 V,
    125 V,
    200 V,
    208 V,
    220 V,
    230 V,
    240 V,
    260 V,
    276 V,
    278 V,
    380 V,
    400 V,
    415 V,
    440 V,
    460 V,
    480 V,
    500 V,
    525 V,
    575 V,
    600 V,
    660 V,
    690 V,
    760 V,
    830 V,
    1000 V,
    3000 V,
    4160 V,
    5000 V,
    5500 V,
    6000 V,
    6600 V,
    6900 V,
    11000 V
  • Malzeme Hidrolik gövdeA351 GRADE CF3M,
    A216 GRADE WCB,
    A995 GRADE 1B,
    UNS J93404
  • Nominal basınç ÇıkışCL 600,
    PN 100
  • maks.iz.bas.trf.iş bar
  • Emme tutumunormal emmeli
  •ıc.450 °C
  •ıc.-80 °C