UMA-S: Our high-efficiency submersible motor for submersible borehole pumps

Once installed, submersible borehole pumps are characterised by their durability and wear resistance. Consequentially, energy costs make up 90 % of the entire life cycle costs. This is where huge savings can be made with the UMA-S synchronous motor, thus increasing the overall efficiency of your installation.

The UMA-S synchronous motor – For highest efficiency and low life cycle costs UMA-S submersible motor for submersible borehole pumps in water extraction

Minimising energy costs with UMA-S

With KSB’s UMA-S synchronous submersible motor you not only provide your submersible borehole pump with a powerful and reliable partner for all fluids and operating conditions. You will also be operating your submersible borehole pump more efficiently than ever before – continuously, for decades. Because the submersible motor keeps the energy and operating costs to a minimum and helps achieve top results.

Extremely powerful, highly economical: That’s the UMA-S submersible motor

The submersible motors’ efficiency advantages over common asynchronous motors, even at fixed speed, equal a minimum of twelve percent – at full compatibility. Combined with an integrated speed control system you can even save up to 40 percent in energy costs, thanks to the optimised operating mode.
This graphic shows a comparison between the UMA-S permanent-magnet synchronous motor and a common asynchronous squirrel-cage motor at full speed.

UMA-S submersible motor – Energy efficiency for submersible borehole pumps UMA-S submersible motor – Comparison of efficiency classes

UMA-S is available in several ratings for 6" – 8" submersible borehole pumps. The submersible motor covers the complete range from 4.5 to 150 kW.

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Operate your submersible borehole pump more efficiently than ever before! With UMA-S.

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